• 18 Jun, 2024
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What is the difference between Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada?

Air Canada is one of the premier airlines in the world and is known to be Canada's largest operating air carrier. The airline has extended its flight scheduling network to almost 200 destinations and has also offered several subsidiaries like Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Jets, and Air Canada Cargo. 

As Air Canada is a premium airline offering extensive services for its customers, the flight fares are expensive. To make the best flights affordable, Air Canada has introduced its low-cost subsidiary, Air Can Rouge. A traveler looking to cut out their travel expenses can save money by reserving seats with them. 

Now, if you are looking forward to learning about the key differences between Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge, you are at the right place. Here, you will get a detailed explanation of the differences between the main and subsidiary airlines. 

Air Canada Vs. Air Canada Rouge: Key Differences

1. Airline Network 

Both Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge operate as separate airlines with their own distinct identities and flight schedules. Air Canada focuses on all the major destinations around the world, while Air Canada Rouge focuses on leisure and vacation routes. It's important to note that Air Canada is a Star Alliance member, allowing travelers to earn miles when they travel with them. Since Air Canada Rouge is a codeshare partner of Air Canada, earning the miles will be possible by reserving flights with them, too. 

2. Airline Fleet 

Air Canada has a diverse fleet that includes Airbus and Boeing, whereas Air Canada Rouge only operates the Airbus fleet. Air Canada has a larger fleet than Air Canada Rouge. Some of the aircraft operated by the mainline airline are A19, A320, A321, A220, and Boeing 73. Air Canada Rouge operates a total of 40 aircraft, including A319s, A320s, and A321s. 

3. Airline Amenities

Air Canada comes at the top when offering satisfactory services to customers that cannot be matched by the Air Canada Rouge airline. The travel classes one can find with Air Canada are Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or Signature Class. Air Canada Rouge has the “Premium Rouge” option, which offers business-class amenities to its passengers. With the higher classes, larger seats and complimentary meals & drinks can be obtained on the flight. 

4. Flight destinations

There are more than 190 destinations where Air Canada is flying to. Toronto Pearson International Airport is its largest hub for operating flights. Calgary and Halifax are the focus cities of Air Canada and daily flights are available to these destinations. Air Canada Roge is operating flights to over 40 destinations both domestically and internationally. The main hubs of Air Canada Rouge are Montreal and Toronto. 

5. Onboard Experience

The experience will no doubt be different when traveling with Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge. While Air Canada Rouge offers ultra-low fares for flight reservations, you should expect little leg space on the seats yet comfortable seating. Along with that, entertainment sources include the personal devices of the passengers on the flight. 

Whereas when flying on the Air Canada flight, spacious seating is guaranteed no matter the travel class. However, the higher the travel class will be the comfort of the seats and space will be increased. Passengers also get the setback screens on the plane for uninterrupted entertainment throughout the journey.

Final Words

Individuals wondering how Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge are different must have found their answer by going through the key differences explained above. Now, based on requirements and needs, one can decide to make travel arrangements with the codeshare airline of Air Canada to find the lowest price possible or reserve seats on the mainline passenger airline for their journey.