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How do I upgrade my class on American Airlines?

Yes, you can upgrade your class on American Airlines through divergent ways, which are as stated below:

Through Systemwide upgrades:

American Airlines allows you to upgrade in the class through the Systemwide Upgrade. The steps to make the upgrade is as follows:

  • Login in to the official American Airlines account via the credentials asked.
  • Check through the eligibility of systemwide upgrades available in the AAdvantage account.
  • Initiate the booking with the airline via the Systemwide upgrade link that is provided.
  • Once the booking is done, place a call with the airline to confirm the upgrade chosen.

Via Miles:

The fare class upgrade is possible with American Airlines also by making use of miles. The miles that get credited as part of the travel made with the airline can be thus made use of to finalize the upgrade of the class with the airline. You need to login to your account to make the necessary upgrade through miles.

Can I pay for an upgrade on American Airlines?

Yes, you can make a payment to initiate the upgrade on American Airlines. It is also possible to make the payment in the form of miles, which you have earned through the trips that have been made with the airline.

Can you upgrade seats on American after purchase?

Even when the ticket has been booked, it is possible for you to purchase the seats as part of upgrades. For the same, you would need to place a call with the airline's customer support team. Make sure to initiate the process well before the check-in is done.

Point to remember: Under scenarios when you are not able to connect on a call with the team to upgrade seats, it is best to visit the airport directly and get details of the upgrades that are available. Accordingly, the staff will help you find the necessary upgrade.

Can you upgrade from basic economy after purchasing American Airlines?

Yes, there is indeed a possibility to make an upgrade from the basic economy even when the purchase has been finalized with American Airlines. Indeed, under the same, the AAdvantage status members with American Airlines are given the flexibility to make the upgrade from Basic Economy. The added benefit of it is that your companion traveling with you can also make the upgrade for the journey that has been planned.

Is it cheaper to upgrade seats at the airport or online?

It is purely based on the circumstances and scenarios of whether the seat upgrades would be cheaper at the airport or through the online mode. In case you are opting to travel in premier facilities in the chosen destination, wherein you get a lot of seat options to choose from, it is best to make the upgrade via the online mode. If you are looking to get last-minute deals and offers with the airline, the upgrade at the airport would be a good choice. The major disadvantage of the upgrade at the airport is that there is no surety that the upgrade will be made available to you since it is purely based on availability.

What are the conditions for upgrading with miles?

There are certain conditions as part of the upgrade with miles that you need to adhere to which are:

  • The upgrade with miles has validity till the next cabin service is possible and can be used for a one-way trip in parts of three.
  • For award tickets and basic economy tickets, it is not possible to make the upgrade by means of miles that are credited to your account.
  • The upgrade with miles is purely dependent on the availability of the seats within the airline for the specific class you have chosen.

What are the miles required for the upgrade with American Airlines?

The upgrade fee along with a bare minimum of miles is required to initiate the American Airlines class upgrade. Usually, it varies depending on the seat selected, the total distance traversed, and the destination of travel. The details of the fee charged are given here:

  • An average of 15000-25000 miles plus 75 USD to 350 USD is charged for upgrades from Economy to Premium Economy.
  • For a Business class upgrade, you would get charged with an average of 15000-25000 miles plus a fee of 175 USD to 550 USD.