AIRLINES' Terms & Conditions

  • Airline terms and restrictions, including but not confined to cancellation and refund procedures, apply to any airline tickets purchased through the Website.
  • Travomint just serves as a conduit to make it possible for Users to purchase airline tickets. The User and the relevant airline are always parties to the service agreement for the use of the flight.
  • Airlines maintain the right to amend or cancel flights or itineraries independently of and without prior notification to Travomint. They may also reschedule flight dates and routes. As a facilitator, Travomint is not liable for any loss, direct or eventuality, that a User may experience as a result of such a change or cancellation of a flight because it has no control or jurisdiction over the logistics of the airlines.
  • On the same airline, assorted tickets may have different limits or different services and prices.
  • The airline determines the terms for the baggage allowance for a certain fare; Travomint has no ascendancy over these terms. Some of the tickets displayed in the booking flow are "hand baggage fares," meaning the user must pay extra for checked baggage because they do not grant them access to free checked baggage. Adding checked luggage to a reservation can cost more or less depending on the airline. For specific costs, the User is encouraged to get in touch with the airlines.

Code Share

  • With other airlines, certain airlines enter "code share" arrangements. In other words, there are some routes on which the airline carrier selling or marketing the flight ticket does not operate its own aircraft. Instead, it rather partners with or hires another airline to fly passengers there. The partner airline is identified as "operated by" in the booking flow.
  • Your flight's code-sharing status will be made known to you during the booking process and beforehand you make a payment.
  • Only once the ticketing airline informs Travomint of any such code-sharing agreements will Travomint share them with the user.


In the event User does not embark on the onward journey, the entire PNR pertaining to that booking shall be automatically canceled by the airline. In such a scenario, Travomint will not be required to allocate the User alternative bookings or have any ascendancy over the aforementioned procedure. In such a case, the cancellation penalty will be determined by the relevant airline regulations.


  • In addition to the service cost charged by Travomint, any changes to an extanting booking will be subjected to auxiliary fees imposed by the relevant airline.
  • In the case that a booking is altered or modified, the User is liable to pay the associated fees. Charges for modifying or changing an existing reservation, however, may vary according to the airline and the pricing class.

Corporate Booking

  • You can book corporate flights with us using both online and offline methods, however travomint does not guarantee a fixed price until the booking is verified by the airline. In most circumstances, corporate reservations are less expensive through travomint.
  • Travomint shall not be held responsible for any fare change as it is not in the jurisdiction of travomint.

Group Bookings

  • Group Bookings rate is flexible and may vary until the tickets are issued as these rates may fluctuate and Travomint shall not be held responsible for the price change as it depends on the airline and their policy.
  • If there is a disparity in the fare change before the issuance of tickets, Travomint is not responsible for paying any fare difference.

For Travel Agents and Third Party

  • Any kind of consolidators, aggregators, travel agents or tour operators are barred from using Travomint’s website for any resale or commercial purpose. If any such reservation is made, Travomint reserves the right , including without limitation, to cancel/nullify all such reservations immediately without issuing any notice to such travel agents and also to restrict payments or any refunds thereto. Travomint shall not be held responsible for any incidental or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising from the bookings made by any second party. The liability in such special cases shall be solely borne by the second party i.e., the consolidators, aggregators, travel agents or tour operators. However this protocol does not apply to Travomint's customers.


  • The base fare, any applicable government taxes, and the convenience fee are often included in the final price that is presented on the website's payment page. Users must pay the whole amount before their reservation is confirmed. Travomint has the right to refuse service if the User does not pay the full amount. On the date of travel, the user undertakes to pay all statutory taxes, surcharges, and fees.
  • An infant must be under 24 months for the entire trip in order to qualify for baby prices. This includes both onward and return journeys. On the return trip, if the newborn is 24 months or older, the user will need to make a separate reservation using a kid fee.


  • The User shall be solely responsible for making sure they have all necessary travel documentation, including identification documents, passports, visas (including transit visas), etc., to complete the trip. The user acknowledges that Travomint will not be held responsible in any manner if they are unable to travel because they do not have appropriate travel documents.
  • The user is aware that any information (if any) provided by Travomint on the travel papers is advisory in nature only and should not be taken as definitive. The User is responsible for verifying the travel regulations with the relevant airlines of the relevant countries the User may transit through or decide to visit.


  • Regarding the check-in timings, users should inquire directly with the airlines. For domestic flights, check-in typically opens two hours prior to takeoff, whereas it does so three hours prior to takeoff for international flights.
  • In order to confirm the identity, nationality, and age of the people travelling on a ticket, including infants, the user needs to bring valid identification proofs, passports, and age proofs.


  • Refunds will be handled in accordance with the cancellation and pricing policies of the airline. These refunds are conditional upon Travomint getting the money from the airlines. The convenience fee, on the other hand, is a non-refundable fee that was paid to Travomint at the time of booking.
  • The convenience fee is levied on electronic transactions in order to cover the cost of electronic payment infrastructure. The customer shall be completely responsible to bear all charges, fees, taxes, duties and assessments arising out of the use of the service, depending on the applicable laws. Therefore, the convenience fee is not refundable.
  • To begin the refund procedure, Travomint must be informed of any cancellations made directly with the airline. Refund processing times can change according to the bank, payment method, etc. The Travomint service cost, which is separate from the convenience fee as previously noted, will be subtracted before processing the refund.
  • The original account from which the payment was made will get the reimbursement. If the User used a credit card, for instance, Travomint will appropriately reverse the charge to the same credit card; similarly, if the User used a debit card, Travomint will credit the money to the same debit card.
  • In case of any cancellation the discounted price offered to the customer shall not be refundable.

Travomint's Function and Liability Limitations

  • The only function of Travomint is to make it easier for the User to purchase service from the Service provider. The User and the Activity Provider are always the parties to the transaction or service fulfillment arrangement.
  • Travomint shall not be liable or responsible for:

  • Any loss or damage, harm, accident, demise, malfunction, irregularity, delay or schedule modification, cancellation without justification, erroneous information, inadequate service or product, or cancellation brought on by circumstances beyond the control of the activity provider.
  • The health, safety and well-being of the User in the course of availing the Activity or thereafter.
  • Any false statement made by the activity provider.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, including all matters any dispute relating thereto shall be subject to the competent jurisdiction of the courts in Gautam Budhnagar, Uttar Pradesh.
  • The maximum liability of Travomint will be restricted to the reimbursement of the booking fee that was received by Travomint for the Activity reservation.