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Vistara Airlines Online Flights Booking

Vistara is a full-service air company that provides air travel services to its customers. A flight that took between Delhi and Mumbai in 2015 was first served by Vistara. It is resting in Gurgaon, Haryana. It has its hub at the all known main aviation point of Delhi/NCR - Indira Gandhi International Airport. By now the airlines have served more than 10 million passengers making itself the 6th largest in the aviation market of India. With 45 fleets in service, it serves 34 destinations worldwide. The flight offers both cheap Vistara air tickets and business class reservations to its passengers. Flying with Vistara is always a pleasant experience.

Reservations, Services much more!

For making the Vistara Airlines reservations, the interested customers can contact the reservations department at wherein, they can plan their travel with the airlines’ executives, book flights, check flight fares, flight schedules, and destinations. The airlines also provide assistance in special cases of emergencies, urgency, etc. Indeed, with Vistara you can have a glorious and memorable flight of your life with the best hospitality memories!

Classes in Vistara Airlines

Want to have the best time in the Indian skies with Vistara? Vistara claims that you will have it. The airlines consistently work to improve the overall experience of the passengers that are moving for leisure and business. It is the best full-service carrier in the low-service carrier-dominated airline industry. If passengers are wishing to fly at a cost-efficient ticket price, then they can book tickets for economy class. Vistara gives three class categories to its passengers. These are - 

  • Business Class -  With full reclinable flatbed seats, personal compartments.
  • Premium Economy - Relaxing extendable seats. The seats come with footrests. 
  • Economy - Comes with HD entertainment screens and USB ports.

Depending on the economic status of the customer who is booking the flight, Vistara serves three privileges to its customers. It is straight and understandable. The more the passenger gives out in terms of money, the better s/he can avail when s/he flies with Vistara. For further assistance, one can connect with Vistara airlines customer service via its serviceable contact numbers available on the official website. 

Booking the Flight Tickets with Vistara

Offline Booking:

Many travelers like to receive tickets in person, rather than booking tickets online. This is because of the fraudulent nature of many fake online ticketing portals that are available online. For the ease of these types of passengers, the travel agents and offline air-tickets counters at the airport are visualized as the best means to book a ticket to a favorite place. Many times people prefer to book cheap Vistara air tickets offline looking at a sudden fall in the price of tickets on the very day of travel. In modern times, according to the bookings received, people, prefer an online system of booking air-tickets more than offline ones. The online system is more economic and soft on the passenger’s pockets!

Online Steps:  

Are you planning to travel with Vistara to your next stop? Here we give out some online steps to Vistara airlines booking that must be followed if you are traveling!

  • Visit the official website of Vistara.
  • Click ‘Plan Travel.’ Then, in the Book section click ‘Flights.’
  • You will be then directly escorted to a Flight Bookings page. Here, in Book Flights, you can select a One-way trip or a Round trip according to your traveling needs. 
  • Fill in all the following details about your trip - Origin, Destination, Depart, Return, and the Date of departure. Fill in the details about the number of passengers - Adult, Child, and Infant and fill in the Promo Code if you have any. 
  • Visit the next page that shows the flights that are going to your destination. Select those flights only that suit you.
  • After filling in all the personal details, you can move on for the payment option to book the flight.  
  • After the payment is made and after the verification of the payment, the booking will be completed.
  • The traveler will receive a confirmation via an email or a text message. This will be according to the contact info that is provided in the details.

Still, if the passenger faces any other issues, he/she can contact customer service directly. 

Vistara’s Interline Alignment

Vistara airways are the provider of both domestic and foreign flight services to its passengers. To help passengers change between the flights in a hustle-free and warm manner, it facilitates interlining services with other aviation companies in the aviation sector. Customers who are keen to travel by the interlining airline corporations can book cheap air tickets for having affluent and lavish services with these airlines. Notably, to allow both premium and regular experience to its customers, Vistara has agreed to interline with 18 airline corporations. Let’s have a look: 

Check-In Procedures with Vistara

Check-in requirements with Vistara Airlines booking are not very complex. They are easy and tech-savvy. People have added facilities to the web and mobile check-in. 

If you are ready to board the Vistara flight, the check-in counter will open 2.5 hours, and close 45 minutes earlier to organize departure for the nation-bound, domestic flights.

In the case of international flights, the check-in counters open 3 hours earlier and close 1 hour before the planned departure. 

The Baggage Policy of Vistara

Vistara ensures that the passengers follow the baggage protocols issued by the airport authority and the airline alike - 

Some of the tips on which attention should be paid if you are about to on-board a flight: 

  • See what the check-in allowance says. Items that are over your allowance are counted in excess baggage. 
  • Ensure to take a note of the cabin baggage allowance, follow its proportions respectively.
  • Restricted items need not be taken by the passenger in the cabin baggage. 
  • One should never forget to mark its name and address on the bags while traveling 
  • Other important things like medications, legal documents of value, and cash in hand must be kept in the cabin and not in other luggage.
  • The passenger cannot carry loose battery cells or dry cells.

Special Assistance

Vistara airlines value every customer that travels with them. If the travelers are traveling with a medical problem, Vistara never fails to take a step forward in order to offer the required services. In case of having a medical condition, one must inform the authority of the airlines in order to avail all the onboard assistance at the seat throughout the journey. 

Offers and Deals in Vistara

The Club Vistara flyer program is specially designed for its frequent customers while considering the expenses they give out during travel. Instead of miles traveled by travelers, the flyer program operates and gives out points on the basis of money that is paid out on fares.

If the travelers want to have further details about the deals and real offers and coupon codes, they can contact customer support at Vistara airlines. Access to customer assistance contact numbers can be gained via the official website. The customer support assistance is available 24x7. A time slot as per comfort and ease can be chosen by the customers. Vistara airlines are always happy to readdress the queries and problems of the passengers. Travelers can either use the live chat or email services if they do not wish to do direct calls. At Vistara, assistance is always available and for free! The representatives make sure to provide the best assistance to the passengers. 

Vistara Last Minute flights deals

Vistara fulfills its endeavour of services to customers . Vistara direct provides the passengers with a bulk of benefits when tickets are booked directly from their website( or their mobile application is used.

Note: Vistara direct benefits are applicable for domestic flights only, other than travels on ‘Economic lite fares’.

The last minute deals include-

  1. Change/cancellation without any charge (within 24 hours)
  2. 100 CVV points as bonus
  3. Attractive offers

We are the Best - Know Why? 

Being a premium airline, we also offer Charter services for elite customers. Apart from this group booking services are offered by us as well. It provides flexibility to the corporate business groups and individuals personalities who are happy to fly on their terms with Vistara!

Know the process of upgrading your Vistara flight?

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your Vistara flight to get better service, more comfort, and a slew of other perks, look no further. You can upgrade your seat on a Vistara flight to a higher level to make your journey more enjoyable and to receive additional benefits. On Vistara, you can upgrade your flight by bidding on a price you are willing to pay and grab a seat based on availability. Are you unsure about how do I upgrade my flight to Vistara? Therefore, you can follow the steps mentioned below to upgrade your Vistara flight.

how do I upgrade my flight to Vistara?

  • First of all, visit the official website of Vistara on a browser and access the manage booking tab
  • After that, you need to submit your booking reference and last name
  • Then choose a bid for an upgrade option and the price you are ready to pay
  • Press continue, and Vistara will send you a confirmation mail if the upgrade request is approved
  • Afterward, Vistara will charge a fee if your flight upgrade request of accepted in addition to the original ticket value
  • If your flight upgrade request is not approved then you can continue with a normal booking without extra charge

This is the correct procedure for upgrading a flight on Vistara by visiting the official website of the airlines. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the benefits you will receive after upgrading your flight, you can contact Vistara Airlines' customer service center to speak with a live representative and obtain help.

How to check flight status for Vistara Airlines? Get simple guidance

Vistara Airlines provides significant help for the booking using its great features and services on its booking website. If you have booked a flight ticket online and looking for the flight status for Vistara, you need to collect suitable guidance to complete such kind of task in a great manner.

You can go to the manage booking tab where you can check out the flight status to update your flight’s timing or check out the timetable of your flight, flight frequency, and so on in a legal way. But if you are asking that how do I check my flight status for Vistara, you need to learn the simple guidance listed down.

  1. Before doing anything else, you need to check out the booking website page where you need to log-in to your booking account.
  2. Click on the manage booking tab and select my booking tab and enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger.
  3. Click on the submit button and select the flight that you can notice on the same page and then go to the flight status.
  4. In case it asks to enter the PNR number, you must enter the PNR and check out the flight status with its updated date and time of travel.
  5. You can check out the timetable of the flight and make sure that you want to make some modifications otherwise you need to close the flight status page finally.

For further help regarding Vistara Airlines, you are always free to contact the Vistara customer representative team at any time.


Q1. Is Vistara Premium Economy worth it?

Ans. The Premium Economy seating at Vistara is worthy for sure. Although the price of the Premium Economy seats is around 30% to 70% more, yet the excessive cost does bring some great facilities with it too that are not accessible in the Economy class. Here are some of the benefits you can experience in the Premium economy class at Vistara;

  • Priority Boarding and dedicated check-in lanes

  • Upgraded Italian leather seats

  • Customized meal selection for every passenger

  • Calm and quiet cabins for a relaxing journey

  • Free drinks (non-alcoholic) throughout the journey

  • Soft hot towels and well-padded cushions provided to all the passengers

However, these features are beneficial for long-haul journeys. When you are traveling just for two hours in a Vistara Premium Economy seating, these facilities are not so useful as you do not get much time to experience them. Therefore, if still, you are looking for the ‘Is Vistara premium economy worth it?’ query, you should consider the fact that it varies from perspective to perspective and from a journey to journey.

Q2. Are Vistara flights refundable?

Ans. Not all the flight tickets at Vistara are refundable. The refundable nature of the ticket depends on the type of ticket you have and the time when you cancel your Vistara flight. These things are based on the cancellation and refund policy for its passengers at Vistara Airlines. So, Are Vistara flights refundable? Well, below are some key points related to the Vistara’s cancelling and refund policy that can help you in answering this query:

  • Like all the other airlines, Vistara also offers a risk-free period of 24 hours according to which you can cancel your Vistara flights within the same day of booking without paying any cancellation fee.

  • Within 24 hours of the cancellation, you can ask Vistara airlines for a full refund for your canceled tickets.

  • If you have a Vistara refundable or flex ticket, you can cancel your ticket anytime before the departure of your Vistara flight and claim a full refund.

  • For a non-refundable Vistara ticket, either cancel your flight within 24 hours or pay a cancellation fee between $200-$500 to get future travel credits as a refund.

  • You can legally claim a refund at Vistara when the airline cancels the flight for some reason.

Q3. Can I reschedule my Vistara flight?

Ans. Rescheduling flights can be a cumbersome task, but not for the passengers traveling with Vistara. Vistara offers its customers the feature of ‘Vistara Direct’ through which you can change or cancel your Vistara flights within the same day without any worries. Therefore, if you want to know Can I reschedule my Vistara flight?, here are the terms and conditions related to rescheduling your flight at Vistara airlines:

  • The free change and cancellation of Vistara flights can take place within 24 hours of making a Vistara flight reservation.

  • If you change your flight schedule at Vistara, you can only get the waiver for the change fee. However, you have to pay the price difference, if there is any.

  • There is no flight rescheduling permitted for the passengers having Economy lite fare tickets.

  • After the passage of 24 hours, you have to pay a change fee to Vistara Airlines according to the route and type of Vistara flight class you are traveling in.

  • The facility of Vistara Direct is applicable only for flights within India.

Q4. How do I cancel my flight on Vistara?

Ans. Canceling your flight tickets at Vistara Airlines is simple. You can view and cancel your flights easily by accessing the Manage Bookings tab on the official website of Vistara Airlines. In the next section, you can see the steps to resolve your ‘How do I cancel my flight on Vistara?’ query.

However, keep in mind that the cancellation policy is different for both domestic and international flights. For instance, you can cancel a domestic flight at Vistara up to two hours before the flight departure. For an international Vistara flight, you can cancel it up to 3 hours before the departure of the flight.

Below are the steps to cancel your flights at Vistara:

  • Open the web and visit the official website of Vistara Airlines (AirVistara).

  • On the Vistara Airlines homepage, click on the Manage Booking tab available on the menu bar.

  • Now, enter the Vistara flight booking number followed by the passenger’s name and click on Find or search flight.

  • After that, select the flight to cancel.

  • If you are canceling your Vistara flight after the 24 hours risk-free period, you might have to pay a cancellation fee too.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and finally click on the Cancel flight button to cancel your Vistara flight.

On cancellation of your flight, you will get a canceled flight confirmation mail from Vistara Airlines. With this, you have successfully canceled your Vistara flight.

Q5. Does Vistara serve free food? 

  • Vistara offers some of the premium services such as complimentary food and beverages to its economy class passengers. Customers who book on Economy Flexi and standard fares receive complimentary hot meals which are served to them during their flight to enhance their traveling experience within India.
  • However, passengers who fly on Economy lite fares are eligible for buying snacks and beverages once the menu is assigned to them.
  • All the passengers who are traveling on an international flight will receive food and beverages irrespective of the flight booking fare.
  • Passengers can order freshly brewed coffee from the most prominent coffee-chain which recently tied up with the Vistara airlines 

Q6. How much luggage is allowed in domestic flights Vistara? 

  • Passengers can fly in economy, premium economy, and business class according to their budget and can choose any of the subcategories which fall under all the classes from lite, standard and Flexi class. The baggage allowance varies in all these classes. 
  • Passengers who are traveling via Economy lite class are allowed to carry1 a check-in bag which is not more than 15kg. You can carry 15 kg check-in baggage in Economy standard class irrespective of the items as long as it does not weigh more than 15 kg.
  • Passengers traveling in the Economy  Flexi class can carry check-in baggage that doesn't weigh more than 20 kg. Passengers traveling in Premium economy lite cabin are allowed to carry 20kg as check-in baggage whereas for Economy standard class 25 kg, and for premium economy, Flexi class is 30 kg. 

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