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What is The Premium Economy Class in Vistara? Is Vistara Premium Economy Worth It?

05 Apr, 2021 Category: Travel tips Author: Travomint

What is The Premium Economy Class in Vistara? 

Who does not want comfort during flight, of course everyone. That is the passengers who are very much concerned about the comfort and facilities pay extra amount to enjoy the benefits that are listed under the premium economy class of the particular airlines. This article contains all the relevant information about the premium class of Vistara airlines. Read the details ahead if you want to know what is the premium class in Vistara?

Facilities That Passengers Enjoy in The Premium Economy Class of Vistara

In the below mentioned points, you will find all the benefits that a passenger is eligible to enjoy if he makes Vistara premium economy booking.

  1. The meals are included on board as per the choices of the passengers.
  2. Also the beverages, both cocktails and mocktails are included on the flight as per the taste of the passenger.
  3. Up to 25 kg of bag weight is allowed on board Vistara in the name of Baggage Allowance at the time of check in and that too completely free of cost.
  4. If the bag weight exceeds the limit, or to be precise, it is more than 25kg, then the passenger is entitled to pay 500 rupees for one kg.
  5. Also, this is a privilege that the premium economy members enjoy that they are allowed to carry 10kg of hand baggage along with an additional baggage that is smaller enough to be kept under the seat.
  6. The vouchers that can be upgraded are also provided to such passengers.
  7. They are also eligible to enjoy Club Vistara points accrual which is known tobe quite beneficial to the frequent flyers. Along with this, they enjoy Club Vistara Tier Points accrual.
  8. The Premium economy passengers enjoy the priority handling at the time of various procedures like Check-in, Boarding and baggage.
  9. The Premium economy passengers also enjoy access to the lounge situated inside the Vistara airport.
  10. Also, these passengers enjoy various direct benefits that are offered by Vistara Airlines to their Premium Economy members.
  11. The infant fare applicable on the tickets under Premium economy class is 2500 rupees as per the official website of Vistara.
  12. Flight changes for the premium economy members are permitted up to 2 hours before the departure of the flight.
  13. The cancellation fee is applicable to the premium economy members, as usual.
  14. Only taxes are said to be refundable in the event of No Show of the passenger.

Is Vistara Premium Economy Worth it?

These are all the facilities that a Premium economy passenger enjoys during his flight. Now you must be wondering Is Vistara premium economy worth it? Long story short, yes it is completely worth it to spend such a big amount of money on the Vistara premium economy class. So, you should be tension-free while opting for the premium economy class at Vistara.

This is all you need to know about Vistara premium economy ticket booking. If you want any further details regarding any aspect that bothers you during the reservation process, you can simply contact the Vistara airlines customer service respective officials via virtual methods like phone call, live chat, or even the email support facility. You can also visit the Vistara airport to get further details regarding the procedures that you fail to understand.

How do I upgrade my flight on Vistara?

How do I upgrade my air ticket with Vistara Airlines?

Vistara Airlines is one of the top-notch airlines that provide its customers the best possible deals and offers while booking tickets. Along with this, the airlines provide brilliant customer care service o its customers. This article is particularly concerned with the process of upgrading the already booked flight tickets to clear all your queries about How do I upgrade my flight on Vistara?

It is quite obvious that the airlines will charge some sort of amount if you choose to upgrade your ticket. Here is everything about How much does it cost to upgrade a flight? Read ahead for the details.

Steps to upgrade a flight ticket with Vistara Airlines

Here is a list of all the steps that are required to be followed if you want to avail the process to update a flight ticket:

  • In the manage booking section of Vistara Airlines, you can simply enter your booking details like Booking ID and surname as it is placed on the air ticket.
  • Once your itinerary appears on the screen, you can simply opt for the updating process in the menu bar.
  • You will now move to the payment slab and pay the extra amount applicable to your air ticket.
  • You will receive the confirmation email with respect to the up-gradation.

To the query How much does it cost to upgrade a flight? it completely depends upon the upgrading level of yours and to what extent you upgrade your ticket or what all facilities do you want to add to your itinerary. So, this amount varies in different cases.

How do I upgrade to premium economy on Vistara?

Are you the passenger who is thinking to upgrade the seats with Vistara Airlines? Then you shall not be confused as this is the place that will tell you how do I upgrade to Premium Economy on Vistara Airlines in simple steps. 

Steps to Learn How to Upgrade to Premium Economy on Vistara Airlines!  

  1. Start by opening a preferred web browser and head over to the official website of the airlines that are present at the top of the page. 

  2. Then tap to select the “Manage my Travel” option that is present on the top under the navigation bar. 

  3. Enter booking number along with the last name as stated on the flight tickets and tap “Next”. 

  4. You need to check the itinerary details that get displayed in front of you. And then proceed to the flight details section and tap “Upgrade my Seat”. 

  5. This will open the seat map along with a class in front of you. Choose the premium economy class and then the desired seat in front from the seat map. 

  6. Proceed further to check the difference in the payment and enter and confirm the same. You will be updated about travel, baggage, and confirmation on upgrading the seat on the email that you entered while entering the booking details. 

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, you come to know about upgrading the seats. Now if you want to know what is the difference between Economy and Premium Economy in Vistara then you are free to contact the customer service of Vistara Airlines that is 24/7 active. 

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