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Air India Airlines Reservations

Make Your Travel Convenient and Effortlessly with Air India!

Travelling is considered to be an adventurous thing as it helps passengers to explore new places. There are travelers from all across the world who are on a continuous travel spree and look for the best airlines as well. Also, traveling is made possible because of airlines as numerous airlines help passengers in transferring to their destinations from their original place. At the same time, finding such airlines which suit all your requirements is very hard to find. There are very few passengers who get lucky with their requirements of airlines and have to compromise with their needs. Some travelers prefer affordable flights and some might prefer a comfortable one but it is quite difficult to find everything in one airline. 

But it is not impossible as there are airlines who aim to satisfy their passengers' needs. Some airlines keep passengers’ needs and requirements of utmost importance and are also considered to be customer-oriented airlines. 

If you are such a passenger who is traveling soon and are searching for an airline that suits your requirements then you shall not panic. In this page, we shall tell everything about such an airline which is not only the customer-oriented airline on paper but has shown its actions for making passengers comfortable. The airline is named Air India and let us make you aware of its services and how to get Air India airlines reservations further here to ease the pressure that you are facing. 

Taking A Close Look at Air India Airlines And its Services!

Air India is the flag carrier airline service of India that is headquartered in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. The airline was initially introduced by J.R.D. Tata under the name Tata Airlines. But, soon after it was handed over to the Indian government and is now very well maintained by the government. From Air India phone number to its services, Air India airline has always shown its presence to help passengers going all the way extra to help the passengers fulfill their requirements. The airline has even received several awards for its services and outstanding performance. Also, this airline is the best choice for passengers who are looking for an affordable flight that does not compromise with the comforts of the passengers. 

So, before you get Air India airlines reservations, let us make you aware of its services to make you desire to travel by this airline. 

Services Rendered by Air India Airlines! 

  • To start with, the aircraft of the airline are designed that they are divided into three classes which are ranging from low to high in terms of services and fare charges. 
  • The passengers who are traveling in Economy class which is the lowest is the most preferred cabin class. While passengers who want to pamper themselves may choose either business or First class. 
  • Passengers can get reservations done online or using the mobile application or by contacting the customer service. 

To get to know more about this airline and its services passengers should prefer traveling by this airline. If you want to know how to get the reservations done, then you can follow the steps below. 

Grab Air India Seats Conveniently!   

  • Start by opening any web browser and head over to the booking API of the website from the top of the page. 
  • Then you need to tap on the “Plan my Travel” option from the top of the navigation bar and tap “Next”. 
  • Now proceed to enter other travel details like date of travel, the number of passengers, departing and arriving cities, etc, and tap “Next”. 
  • You get to choose the flight from the list in front of you. And you can select the flight by simply tapping on the required one and then choose the desired seat after picking up the required cabin. 
  • Proceed to enter personal details nd choose the mode of your payment and tap “Next”. 
  • Complete Air India airlines reservations by entering and confirming the payment details.

After getting the seats booked with Air India, you are required to know about how much you are allowed to carry. So, to know you can refer to the baggage allowance policy which is discussed further. 

Knowing How Much To Take Along with Air India! 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance! 

  •  All the passengers are allowed to take along 1 baggage piece as a check-in with weight not exceeding 10 Kg. 
  • The dimensions of the carry-on baggage should be 22 x 14 x 10 inches and passengers traveling in any class will be the same. 
  • If the dimensions or weight is exceeded then passengers will be asked to pay for the extra baggage fee. 

Checked-in Baggage Allowance! 

  • Passengers who happen to travel in first-class are allowed to take 40 Kg of maximum weight, while those in business class are allowed with 35 Kg whereas passengers in economy class are allowed to take 25 Kg of checked-in baggage. 
  • The dimensions of the baggage for economy class passengers should not exceed 107 inches in total and are allowed to take a maximum of 2 pieces of bags. 
  • While dimensions of baggage for First and business class passengers should not exceed 62 inches and are not must not exceed 32 Kg. 
  • Any passenger who is not adhering to the baggage allowance rules will be asked to pay an extra baggage fee depending upon the weight or dimension that they have exceeded. 
  • After getting to know about the baggage policy let us now make you aware of the airline option to manage the passenger's reservations. 

Knowing About Air India Airlines Manage Booking Option! 

It is possible that when booking a flight, passengers might make mistakes and may be required to correct the same. Or if he needs to make the changes or cancel the flight because of some unforeseen situations, then the Manage booking option of Air India Airlines reservations turn out to be very important and useful. The tasks that can be performed with this option can be discussed below. 

  • Reviewing reservations. 
  • Editing, changing, or canceling the flight. 
  • Getting an upgraded seat.
  • Online check-in 

And many tasks can be performed by the managed travel option of Air India airlines. To know how to get going with this option you can follow the steps below. 

  • Learning How to Use Manage Travel Option of Air India! 
  • Open a web browser and open the official link of Air India.
  • Tap on the “Manage Travel” option in the navigation bar and proceed further. 
  • You will be asked to enter booking or reservation details along with the last name on the page that gets displayed in front of you. Enter the same details and tap “Next”. 
  • Various reservations get displayed and you need to scroll down to find your reservation details and tap on it. 
  • Then choose the “Edit my Reservation” option and perform the required function that you feel like. 
  • Once you are done, tap “Confirm” and the changes done will be mailed to you.

So, with the help of the above steps, you can make changes on your Air India Airlines reservations without any hassle and hesitation. Hence, if you feel like traveling then do consider Air India airline and get the chance to travel with the utmost care and priority. Apart from this, the airline is also ready to help passengers resolve their Air India airlines reservations related issues with its customer support. 

Need Help? Feel Free to Reach Out to Air India Customer Service 

The passengers who are experiencing trouble shall not get disappointed. The officials of the airline understand that some passengers need their assistance and guidance. So, they have separate and dedicated platforms to help passengers resolve their issues. Let us study about the different modes which are present to help passengers. 

Air India Toll-free Helpline Number: This is the number that can be available with the help of the phone and the number is stated on the website. 

Air India Email Support: This type of platform can be used to get rid of issues like baggage delay, loss, flight delay, related information.

Air India Social Platform: This platform can be used to share feedback and also give on the spot resolution to any issue that a passenger is seeking resolution for. 

And passengers are free to get in touch with the Air India customer service phone number on any convenient platform. They are free to use Air India Phone number, email, or social platform whichever they find convenient. All the platforms are supported by trained, experienced, and knowledgeable customer experts who will be readily happy to resolve the passengers' issue.

Therefore, just like the phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava” is used by India, its airline rightly follows the statement and welcomes passengers with open hands. And also, you can be assured of the services and hospitality delivered by Air India.   


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