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Indigo Airlines Ticket Booking Online

Get a complete guide for Indigo Airlines reservations

Indigo Airlines is a well-known Indian Airline, which has its headquarters located in Gurgaon city of Haryana, India. It is one of the largest carriers in Asia which has a fleet size of 263 and with its operational flights, it covers 87 destinations across the nation and internationally. It has various hubs situated in the different cities of India. Passengers can avail the best services and facilities offered by Indigo airlines, just by reserving a flight. They can also contact Indigo Airlines Reservations for any assistance or queries. If passengers want to avail the services in the airline, they can spend bucks and get it. There are no complimentary services offered to the passengers as they can buy it as per their requirement.

Classes in Indigo Airlines

As Indigo is a low-cost carrier, the passengers are only offered economy seating. There are no other classes available in the airline, whereas individuals can choose among the fare classes. If people wish to pay higher, they will get some additional facilities, on-the-board. For the convenience of passengers, the airline only offers the facility of advance seat selection. The advance seat is also offered to the passengers paying more for their ticket. To get your advanced and preferred seat in the flight, you can contact Indigo Airlines customer service. The representatives will assist with the procedure of seat selection. The types of fares available in Indigo flights are:

Saver- In this, passengers will have a low-fare for flight, without a pre-assigned seat.

Flexi-Plus- All services are the same as Saver, except the charges of the standard seat, which is included in the total amount.

Passengers can choose as per your preference. This option is available for the passengers who wish to avail more facilities on the board.

Indigo Airlines Flight Booking Process

If people have made up their mind and want to fly with one of the best low-cost carriers, they can book their flight with Indigo Airlines. The airline provides the option of booking an online as well as an offline ticket. Passengers can choose the booking method, as per their preference. One more option of contacting Indigo Airlines reservations is also there, in which the representative will complete the Indigo airlines flight ticket booking on your behalf. For the offline booking of tickets, they need to visit any travel agency or ticket counter at the airport. To get the ticket booked online, people can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Indigo Airlines.
  • On the homepage, people will see the tab of Book Flight to start with the online booking.
  • Select flight type among one-way, round-trip, or multi-city.
  • Then, choose cities of departure and destination by browsing the list provided by Indigo.
  • After that, select a date when wish to depart from the origin city. If people are flexible with the dates, they can choose any cheap day for flying.
  • When passengers search for flights, they will have a list of available flights.
  • They can choose a suitable flight which suits the most according to time and then choose the fare type.
  • On the next page, they need to enter the details of all the passengers flying on this booking. All the mandatory fields of info including contact as well as personal info of the passengers. 
  • Now passengers need to pay for the booking by selecting the mode of payment.
  • Once the payment is verified, they will receive the confirmation through email or text message. 
  • The confirmation email also consists of the e-ticket, which is required at the time of departure.

If passengers face any difficulty with the flight booking, they can contact Indigo Airlines customer service, and they will get the required assistance for the query. People can simply contact the Indigo Airlines customer service executives for any assistance related to queries.

Check-in policy of Indigo Airlines

After booking the flight, passengers need to complete the check-in before the departure. It is a mandatory action, in which they will be provided with the boarding pass, and they need to submit their checked baggage. The check-in policy of the airline is as follows:

  • If passengers are doing online check-in, it must be done at least 48 hours and 60 minutes before the departure of the domestic flight.
  • Passengers can choose any of the check-in options available in the airline.
  • Passengers are only eligible for the check-in if they have a confirmed booking with Indigo.
  • A maximum of 9 passengers of a single booking is allowed to check-in for the flight.
  • If people are an unaccompanied minor, a passenger with a medical case or a passenger traveling on the stretcher, they are exempted from the web check-in.
  • Passengers are not allowed to take along hazardous and prohibited things in the flight.

According to the check-in policy, Passengers can conveniently check-in for the departure and board flight. They will be told about the baggage allowed for the cabin and the checked baggage. If they are carrying extra, they need to pay for the same.

Different check-in options

Web Check-in- Passengers simply need to go to the Indigo website and complete the check-in for the next scheduled flight. It is convenient to use, as mobile is carried everywhere.

App check-in- Passengers can also use the Indigo app for check-in. They can easily find the check-in option on the app.

Kiosk check-in- The kiosk machines are located at the airports. Using this, they can select a preferred seat and get a boarding pass also.

Auto check-in- This option is selected at the time of booking. With this, they do not need to check-in, as the airline will complete it on your behalf.

After check-in, passengers will get their boarding pass and they will be allowed to board the flight. If required, they can use IndiGo airlines phone number and ask for assistance.

How to download an Indigo flight ticket?

Once the flight is booked with Indigo, an itinerary will be generated and a copy is sent as the e-ticket. Passengers will find the e-ticket in their confirmation email. They can retrieve and view itineraries under the Manage booking option. Once it is retrieved on the screen, they can take the print for the same. For printing, they must have connected a printer. Simply with the print command, they will have the ticket details on the paper. They can use it at the time of check-in and departure. Although most of the passengers nowadays carry an e-ticket, if Passengers are comfortable with the printed ticket, they can have the same.

Reschedule Indigo flight ticket

For rescheduling the flight ticket, they can either contact Indigo reservations or use the Manage booking option. Only a few details in the itinerary can be modified as all other changes will be subjected to the change fees. 

If Passengers wish to change itinerary details for rescheduling, they can follow the steps as follows:

  • Browse the website of Indigo Airlines.
  • In the main menu, click on the option of Manage.
  • They can choose the option as per their requirement.
  • Passengers need to enter the booking reference code along with their last name.
  • With correct details, They will have the itinerary on the screen and they can modify it.
  • Passengers are allowed to change departure, date, and origin, as per requirement.
  • Some of the changes are entitled to change fees. They can change it by paying the fees.
  • Once passengers are done with the changes, they can save the details and get a new itinerary.

This is how people can get a new itinerary after rescheduling. Options like cancellation and refund are also available in this section. The change or cancellation fee is calculated by the airline and it is according to the fare rules of the airline. The fee is calculated by considering various factors such as the route of the journey, time left for the departure, etc.

Indigo Airlines Baggage Policy

Indigo Airlines provides the best flight booking service with its significant baggage policy that is suitable for everyone. In this airline, you can have complete guidance for check-in baggage one hand-bag up to 7 kg and 115 CMS in length, width, and height that is allowed per customer. You can also carry at least baggage in the Economy class to enjoy your air journey in a vital manner.

  • You can have peace of baggage that will be subject to additional charges of INR 750 per piece and maintain the weight and dimension.
  • You might pay an additional charge of INR 500 per KG would be in case the weight exceeds up to 15 KGS.
  • It is the excess Baggage charges that are non-refundable in case of no-shows and gate no-shows during flight journey.
  • It is important to check any number of bags as long as the total weight does not exceed more than 15 kg to travel in a cool manner.

Indigo Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Indigo airlines developed a certain set of cancellation policies for the people who have various regarding canceling their itinerary. Below are all the informative points you should know while canceling your flight bookings at Indigo.

  • As per the 24 hours cancellation and refund policy that all significant airlines follow, you can cancel your flight itinerary anytime within 24 hours of your Indigo flight bookings to avoid any cancellation fee. Within this period, you are also eligible for a full refund against your ticket amount.

  • For domestic flights, you can cancel your Indigo flights before 2 hours of their scheduled departure.

  • In the case of international flights, you can cancel your Indigo flight tickets before 4 hours of the flight departure.

  • After the risk-free period, you have to pay around INR 3000 for canceling the domestic flights. This cancellation fee can exceed up to INR 6000 for international flight cancellations.

  • The airlines can also charge the ticket fare as the cancellation charges if the cancellation fee amount is higher than the original fare of the flight ticket.

Deals and offers

For cheaper flights, passengers can avail the best deals and offers in the airline. They can grab the cheapest flights by using the deals. With cheap flights, they can save a lot of money on flights. passengers can visit the deals and offers section on the website. There are different offers on the website, which include deals, coupons, discounts, etc. passengers can use the promo codes also, for cheap flight tickets. In this way, the deals and offers section will help with the low-fare and cheap flights.

For more details on the airline, people can contact the Indigo Airlines reservations team. The support executives of the airline will assist you with all the details and queries related to Indigo Airlines over the Indigo airlines customer service phone number. The representatives of the airline are available 24x7 and people can contact them as per their convenient timings. To reach them, passengers can use the email, live chat or Indigo airlines phone number service. The contact details of the airline are easily available on the contact page of Indigo Airlines. For convenience, they can simply dial the Indigo airlines phone number or choose other contact options, to get in touch with the support executives. Passengers will get assistance within no-time of the wait. The representatives of the airline have expertise in problem-resolving.


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