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Get easy tips on how to add TSA precheck to American Airlines.

TSA Precheck is one of the best U.S. government-trusted travel programs that allows travelers who are believed to be low-risk to pass through an expedited security screening. It offers excellent help for global entry to make your custom screening for international air travelers when flying to the United States and plan your tour more comfortably. So, if you want to travel to your required destination in the USA and go to the global entry from American Airlines, get a facility to TSA security Precheck benefits that you can use as part of your membership. To receive accomplished details and guidance for TSA Precheck, go through the queries and prepare your travel plan efficiently.

How to add TSA precheck to American Airlines?

When planning to visit your desired destination in the U.S. and complete your booking with American Airlines, you need to add a TSA precheck to speed up your screening process at check-in time. TSAPrecheck is one of the best methods to avoid unnecessary trouble at the available security check-in for most international trips. To participate in this process, you must apply from the Transportation Security Administration and go through the dedicated screening late at the airport. But if you have doubts and need help adding TSA precheck, you need to enroll in TSA PreCehck by going through the process below.

  • First, visit the American Airlines official website and click the search option to type TSA Precheck.
  • You need to click on Apply for PreCheck, select an enrollment location, and fill out the form by entering the Zip Code quickly.
  • Get valid documents, fingerprint, capture photos, review your TSA precheck details, and make online payment soon.
  • Receive a TSA Precheck number known as Known Travel Number KTN that will also be added to your booked flight ticket, which help you to save time in screening.

Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation with American Airlines?

Yes, you can add your TSA Precheck to an existing reservation with American Airlines and enjoy your screening without interruption. Hence, if you didn't include your TSA Precheck number when you booked your flight, you can add it later on its official booking website. Also, go through the American Airlines mobile app that you can use to add your TSA Precheck to your booked flight ticket comfortably. But if you face any trouble while applying for TSA precheck and need guidance, you can contact a real person who is always active to make your flight journey smoother and more suitable.

How do you add TSA PreCheck to a booked flight?

If you have doubts about adding your precheck to a booked flight and have tried all possible efforts, you will get appropriate guidance to solve your queries promptly. You can add TSA to your booked flight by following the methods below.

  • Add TSA Precheck to a booked flight online:

When you need to add your TSA Precheck to a booked flight ticket, apply for it and enroll yourself for the TSA Precheck online using the official website or the mobile application. You must enter the booking details and fill out the form to complete the task efficiently. You will get the KTN number to add to your booking and get complete assistance to complete the screening security task hassle-free and quickly.

  • Add TSA precheck to a booked flight via phone call:

You can also directly contact a travel agent to request this service and get more benefits while going through the smoother security screening process. Avoid removing shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, belts, or light jackets.

  • Add TSA Precheck to a booked flight at the airport:

You can also directly go to the airport to request the TSA Precheck and ensure you have a valid visa, passport, and other essential documents easily. You must go to the ticket counter, show all your valid documents with a passport photo, and use your fingerprint to add your TSA precheck security successfully.

Why isn't my TSA PreCheck showing up on American Airlines?

When you don't get any message from TSA security, you can't see the KTN number on your booked flight ticket online; check the membership has not expired. But if you notice your membership is expired, look up your account, and confirm with your airlines with the KTN number, name, and date of birth to fix it soon.