• 16 May, 2024
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What is the difference between Emirates business and premium economy?

Emirates is a famous airline known for providing the best and most premium services to passengers. Before booking a flight ticket with the airline, you do not need to worry if you are confused about the class in which you need to get a seat, whether it is business or premium economy. In both classes, you will get exceptional facilities, which will make the journey more smooth and convenient. The airline will provide you with various additional services. If you want to know what the difference is between Emirates business and premium economy class. In that case, We have mentioned all the benefits and services you will get in these classes in the paragraph below.

Which is better, Emirates business or premium economy?

Selecting which class is better in the Emirates is tricky as you will get fantastic service in every class. The main motive of the airline is to provide prime facilities to its passengers and make their traveling experience a good one. To make it easy for you, we have mentioned some points that will help you choose the class for you.

Premium Economy: One key benefit of booking a ticket in Premium Economy on Emirates is that you will get larger seats, extra baggage space, meals, and more. This class is better for passengers who want some luxe while traveling. Read the article below to learn more about what you will get in premium economy.

  • Seats: In premium economy, you will get an 8-inch recliner seat that can be converted into a bed. This is very beneficial for long-haul journeys. 
  • Food and Drink: You will be served food in premium class, just like in a luxury restaurant. The food is served in Royal Doulton, China, with tableware with stainless steel cutlery. You will have breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. You will also have a meal of your choice and drinks.
  • More Space for Luggage: Premium economy passengers can carry two checked bags weighing 23 kg each. The overhead bin is spacious, allowing you to fit your two check-in bags easily. Get detailed information of Emirates Airline Baggage allowance.
  • Welcome kit: Emirates provides reusable amenity kits to passengers. In these kits, passengers will get vegan products suitable for all skin types. The airline also provides a blanket so that passengers can have a good nap on the journey.
  • In-flight Entertainment: The passenger will get a small screen fitted in the chair. They can enjoy their favorite show and movies while flying with Emirates.

Business Class: In Emirates' business class, you will feel at home. The airline offers the best services to make the journey more convenient. We will discuss business class below.

  • Seats: Emirates' Business Class seats are 18.5 inches, and the legroom space is cushioned, providing a smooth traveling experience. You will get a separate cabin. 
  • Food and Drinks: You will receive a welcome drink from Emirates while boarding the flight. You can also access the business lounge, where you will receive unlimited food, free Wi-Fi, and space to rest. On the flight, the airline will give you the meal of your choice. 
  • In-flight Entertainment: Business class has a 23-inch HD screen, so you can watch more than 6,500 channels. You can also play games to keep yourself busy. 
  • Priority Airport Service: The passenger will get priority check-in and boarding while booking a flight ticket with Business class. They can also select the seat in advance. 
  • Additional Services: The airline will provide some additional services to the passengers who book a business class flight ticket with Emirates. 


While booking a flight ticket with Emirates, if you need help with which class is better, Premium Economy or Business, then read the para mentioned above. There are different services that you will get in both class.