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Emirates Airline Baggage allowance:

Emirates is counted among the top premier airlines, which helps you have a seamless travel experience that meets your requirements. Indeed, the team with the airline, ensures that would be given exemplary customer service as part of the reservation that has been made. As part of the same, the airline ensures that you get to have a flexible baggage allowance allotted to you for the trip that you have planned.

Read on to find the specifications of the same so you can pack accordingly for the trip to be taken with your family and friends.

What is the baggage allowance for international flights in the Emirates?

There are varied baggage allowances for international flights in the Emirates, the details of which are described here as follows:

  • Economy class travelers are given the option to carry a total of 20 kg as part of the baggage allowance with the airline.
  • If traveling in the Premium Economy, you are allowed a maximum of 23 kg (50 lb) as two pieces under the baggage allowance with Emirates.
  • For the Business Class flights you take, you can take a baggage allowance of two pieces up to 32kg (70 lb) each as part of the flight journey.
  • All First Class travelers would be allowed to take a total of 32 kg (70 lb) each as two pieces, under the baggage allowance available in Emirates.

How many kgs is allowed in the Emirates?

Emirates baggage allowance purely depends on the total weight of your luggage. Indeed, you would be given the choice to check in any number of bags within the allowance given in the travel class. But, keep in mind that the individual weight of the bag should not be more than 32 kg.

Does Emirates allow 2 free checked bags?

Yes, you are allowed to take 2 free checked bags with Emirates. You must ensure that the total number of free checked bags does not exceed the limit set for each fare class. If such a situation arises, the team will charge a baggage fee for every additional kg you carry.

What are the carry-on baggage rules?

There are specific pointers under the carry-on baggage rules, which are discussed here as follows:

  • Economy class: You can carry a maximum of 7 kg as a carry-on with the airline.
  • Premium Economy: A maximum of 10 kg is permitted to be carried in the premium economy class in the Emirates.
  • Business and First Class: The airline allows you to carry a total of 7 kg in carry-on and an additional 7 kg as a briefcase or garment bag.

Details on dimensions of the bag for carry-on:

For economy, premium economy, and first class, the carry-in bag dimensions cannot exceed 55x38x22 cm. The garment bag should not be more than 20 cm thick and the briefcase should be within the dimensions of 45x35x20 cm.

What are the special allowances with Emirates?

Emirates has a special allowance section for passengers with disabilities and ones traveling with infants.

For passengers with disability:

Under the same, passengers with a disability are allowed to carry fully collapsible wheelchairs, braces or crutches, and the portable dialysis machine. Indeed, the airline allows you to travel with an assistance dog if you have impaired vision or hearing. For the same, you would need to fill out the special request form provided by the airline.

For passengers traveling with infants:

All the passengers traveling with infants under 2 years of age have a different baggage allowance. They are allowed to carry one cabin bag that is 22x15x8 inches in size and a maximum of 5 kg is permitted. The baggage allowance allotted will be shown on the reserved infant ticket.