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How many bags can you take on Basic Economy at American Airlines?

American Airlines has been active for over nine decades and offers services to nearly 50 countries. Before using American flight services in Economy class, you should inquire about the baggage allowances for a simple journey. However, as per the American Airlines Economy Baggage, you are allowed only a single carry-on bag along with one personal item to continue its services at the time of boarding.  American Airlines is very strict in terms of baggage allowance in the Basic Economy class so be sure before carrying any items.

Do you get 1 free checked bag on American Airlines?

Yes, American Airlines allows the 1st free checked baggage facility on some domestic itinerary routes. First, free checked bags on American Airlines are also allowed for up to 4 travel companions who are traveling with you to the same domestic destinations. However, free single-checked bags are not applicable to each long-haul destination in the USA, so check it before carrying any free baggage at American Airlines.

Does Basic Economy on American Airlines have a carry-on?

Yes, American Airlines offers carry-on bag facilities in the Basic Economy, and you can travel anywhere with allowable baggage limits in the given class. Usually, you can bring only 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item for free on the American Airlines Basic Economy class flights. In addition, the carry-on bag limit at American Airlines Basic Economy is applicable for all destinations, including domestic and international routes.

How much does American Airlines charge for carry-on bags?

There are no additional charges on the single carry-on bags along with one personal item like a laptop, purse, or small briefcase. Whether you are traveling on domestic or international routes, American Airlines does not charge any extra cost for carry-on bags. If you try to take more than the carry-on size limit, which is 22X14X9 inches, it will be counted as additional checked bags, and you must pay the applicable charges.

How many bags does American Airlines allow for free?

Only a single carry-on bag and one personal item are allowed for free on all possible routes at American Airlines. But, when you travel with American flights and if you have more bags it will be charged as per the routes and other fare differences. For all American Airlines Checked baggage, the price list will differ, which is highlighted below in the given points.


Allowed destiantions                                                                  1st Baggage                                                   2nd Baggage                               3rd Baggage                                   4th or Baggage

USA, U.S. Virgin Island, and Puerto Rico                                      $40                                                                   $45                                                   $150                                                     $200

Canada and Mexico                                                                       $35                                                                    $45                                                  $200                                                    $200

Haiti                                                                                                0/$35                                                                $65                                                   $200                                                   $200

Caribbean (except Haiti and Cuba)                                                 $35                                                                  $45                                                   $200                                                   $200


What is my baggage allowance with American Airlines?

For all destinations except New Zealand and Australia, American Airlines has a common baggage allowance.

  • Checked bag maximum size: 62 inches
  • Overall weight: 23 kg
  • For First/Business, maximum complimentary bag weight: 32 kg
  • For excess charged bag allowable weight: 23 kg   

For Australia and New Zealand, the baggage allowance limit is

  • Overall allowable Dimensions: 62 inches
  • For Complimentary bags, weight limit: 32 kg
  • For excess charges bags allowable weight: 23 Kg