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What is the international baggage cost for American Airlines?

Many American Airlines flight fliers schedule their flight on the airline as it offers many different perks, such as additional baggage, fewer charges, etc. Still, in some cases, many of them always wonder about the baggage rules, whether there are baggage restrictions on the airline, the maximum weight you can carry, its policy, rules to purchase excess baggage, and other things along with its fares. So, the following sections will highlight everything on the same; please have a look:

What are the American Airlines carry-on luggage rules?

Many times, fliers ask multiple queries on carry-on luggage, for example, "Is there a weight limit for carry-on bags?" What are the maximum carry-on bag size and other associated things so they can avoid any surcharges imposed by American Airlines for exceeding the set limits? So, you are suggested to take note of the following points; please have a look:

  • As per the rules, you can carry one personal item and 1 carry-on luggage at no additional cost.
  • Your item must not exceed 45x35x20 cm in size. If it exceeds, the airline may impose additional charges.
  • The American Airlines carry-on weight limit must not exceed 56x36x23 cm.
  • You may also carry the garment bag (soft-sided), but remember that it has to be within the size of 51 inches.
  • Musical instruments are also considered carry-on luggage. It must be fit either in the overhead bin or next to you.
  • You are also permitted to carry diaper bags (one/child) as carry-on luggage (in addition to other allowed bags).
  • For more information on Carry-on luggage, you can get in touch with the official who will iron out the issues.

What are the other baggage-associated rules for American Airlines?

Apart from carry-on rules, some more rules are associated with the baggage on American Airlines. This becomes important for one to be aware of the regulations as it may help you avoid any trouble or extra charges imposed by the same;

  • In case of fliers carrying any product or liquid, such as aerosols or gels, in your carry bag, the American Airlines liquid limit is restricted to 3.5 oz.
  • Regarding liquid carry-on baggage, you are permitted to carry 1 ltr and 10 containers per passenger.
  • Regarding checked baggage on American Airlines, you are permitted to carry up to 5 of the baggage; however, you may have to incur an additional fare for each additional bag.

Understand the charges imposed for carry-on luggage.

Sometimes, people wonder about the carry-on luggage charges on American Airlines, as this makes them aware of everything associated with the same. So, you are requested to take note of the following points that are below; please have a look:

  • If you exceed the set baggage limits on American Airlines, the baggage cost may begin from $40 and can go up to $250.
  • However, these charges are not fixed; hence, they are subject to vary from time to time.
  • The charges depend upon different factors, for example, type of flight, route, timings, class, type of class, and other things.
  • So, you are requested to visit the airline's official webpage or call the executive to get all the updates. How

Special Items and Sports Equipments carry-on luggage.

If you have some sports equipment and special items, there are some rules or restrictions that you must be aware of; please take a look and understand;

  • You are permitted to carry 45 KG (maximum) as a special or sports item; however, exceptions exist.
  • For most items, the size must be restricted to 126 inches.
  • You must remember that all the bag fees are non-refundable.

Carry-on pet rules.

You must know that carry-on pets only include cats and dogs; however, they must be eligible or in size as determined by the airline. However, if you want to know how you can fill out the form, you are advised to contact the American Airlines official, and the agent will guide you through the information.

How do you get excess baggage service on American Airlines?

There are some ways through which you can request excess baggage, but for that, you need to take note of the following methods; please have a look:

Call the executive and request.

The primary and the easiest method you can adopt to get an additional luggage service on American Airlines is dialing their assistance phone number. Dial 1 800 433 7300 and request the official for excess baggage. Along with this, you can also take additional information, such as American Airlines carry-on size limits, etc.

Approach the airport and ask.

If you cannot contact the airline via phone for excess baggage or carry-on luggage service, you can also approach the airport and ask the agent for it. However, remember to bring each and every ticket information with you so you can present it to the official. You may have to incur an additional fee. You may avoid it by joining the elite club or upgrading your flight ticket.