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Flying While Pregnant with United:

An expectant mother whenever plans to fly with United on a short/ long haul flight there are a few queries that come to mind Are there any Airline restrictions or it is safe to travel? Generally, the restrictions are based on which trimester you are in but if you are in your last trimester then there are certain extra steps you need to take to fly with the United. However, the Airline makes sure that the passenger can travel worldwide no matter which you are in. Here are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind flying while you are pregnant.

United Airline Pregnancy Policy:

As we know United allows you to fly with them during your pregnancy but there are certain terms and conditions that passenger needs to follow for hassle-free travel and safety purposes. In this blog post, you find out what extra steps or What is the cut-off for air travel when pregnant. You should take to travel with United during your Pregnancy.

  • As per United Airlines' pregnancy Policy, passengers are not required to bring a doctor's prescription to fly until they are in their third trimester.
  • Passengers who are 36 weeks pregnant may be required to present a letter or prescription from the doctor saying it's safe to travel on the flight.
  • Travelers who are required to bring the letter or prescription make sure that it is prepared within 3 days of the start of your trip, which includes the date of departure and return and states the estimated date of delivery which should be after the return date.
  • In case, your doctor's prescription is not available and you want to fly in your 36-week pregnancy the Airline will not allow you to board the scheduled flight.
  • If there is no complication with the pregnancy then the passenger may not need to carry a letter of the obstetrician to fly with United during the second trimester.
  • Passengers before the 28th week of uncomplicated pregnancy are not restricted from carrying their medical certificates for short as well as long-haul flights.
  • However, the Airlines recommend that travelers carry three printed copies of the letter on their trip to avoid inconvenience.

Choose the comfortable seats to Fly on United Flight:

Passengers who travel on United flights during pregnancy are advised to choose suitable and comfortable seats so that they do not face difficulties during the trip here are some suggestions which you can take if you are also planning a trip in your second trimester or third trimester.

  • Airlines suggest their travelers choose the Aisle seats as these seats are easiest to get in and out of the bathroom.
  • You can book either Bulkhead seats or Premium Cabin Seats therefore bulkhead seats are located behind the wall that separates the cabin and the premium cabin seats are extra spacious as compared to other available options.
  • If you are looking for the smoothest ride if there is any turbulence that is the seats are located over the wings typically and it offers the smoothest ride.

Always make Backup plans:

If you are traveling during the end trimester then also some things are advisable for your benefit only.

  • Passengers always keep backup plans so that they can avoid last-minute loss, it is recommended to book a refundable fare instead of a non-refundable fare. In case, the baby comes up earlier than expected then you can cancel the booking and get the travel vouchers which can be redeemed for the next travel.
  • You can also take the trip insurance which is offered by the United Airlines Partner AIG.

Tips for flying while Pregnant:

These tips are helpful for every traveler but most importantly for expectant mothers so that they can travel hassle-free. To learn more details you should check the following information.

  • Selecting the right or comfortable seats always makes a big difference by choosing the aisle or bulkhead seat you will get extra room to stretch your legs and extra space to get up easily to go to the restroom if needed.
  • You should prefer wearing comfortable clothes however comfortable layering helps you to easily settle down in both options if you find the cabin hot or cold.
  • Expectant mothers should wear compression socks which help to reduce swelling and help with blood flow as well. If you have never worn them before then it might be a good idea to speak with your doctor first about it.
  • To get your blood flowing and keep oxygen levels up you can walk up and down the aisle.
  • As we know aircraft are notorious for being dry so travelers must carry a water bottle otherwise, you can ask for more from the staff to keep yourself hydrated.
  • If you are flying on a Long Haul flight then it is wise to purchase travel insurance even more if you are in your late pregnancy.