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Is it worth flying premium economy with Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is counted among the luxurious airlines known for its outstanding services onboard. The airlines provide seating options based on passengers' needs and interests; the premium economy is one option. This fare class is the higher class or level up after the economy class. If you booked with Singapore Airlines and are confused about whether the Premium economy is worth flying, the article below covers everything for you. We will start with the Singapore Air Premium Economy review and provide other relevant information to make it more clear to you.

Singapore Airlines premium economy - highlights

  • The premium economy provides more comfort and space to its passengers than the economy.
  • The calf rests, and footrests are built on your seats, and you can also recline and stretch out to a snoozing position.
  • Your seats have two USB ports fitted to them and adjustable reading lights. You get a power supply to charge your devices and a storage area to keep your stuff next to you.
  • You are served meals on modern porcelain servicewear. The premium economy-class menu offers a wide selection of foods, drinks, and beverages.
  • The exclusive amenities for self-care are also offered upon request for long-haul flights.
  • You get unlimited entertainment options: Movies, Music, TV programs, games, etc. A video touchscreen handset and touchscreen monitor with noise-cancellation headphones are also part of your inflight entertainment.
  • The passenger with the premium economy also gets priority check-in and boarding.

What extra do you get with premium economy Singapore Airlines?

Here are some extra benefits you get with Singapore Airlines premium economy:

  • This class gives extra legroom and reclination; calf rest and footrest are also built to provide extra comfort.
  • You get various food options, drinks, and beverages with premium economy. The main course contains appetizers, bread, cheese, desserts, and crackers; the drinks are also served between meals. In addition, you can also choose from the expanded menu eight days before departure.
  • The passengers get exclusive amenities with roomy slippers, lightproof eyeshades, and lip balm in an FSC-Certified Kraft paper pouch.
  • You get KrisWorls inflight entertainment with around 1800 entertainment options, a Video touchscreen handset, and a 13.3-inch HD-enabled touchscreen monitor with noise-canceling headphones. On some flights, you get internet connectivity, text, and multi-media messaging options.
  • Singapore Airlines premium economy passengers get priority treatment, including check-in, boarding, and other treatment throughout the journey.

Does Singapore Airlines' premium economy allow lounge access?

No! Lounge access is not allowed with Singapore Airlines' premium economy fare.

Can you sleep well in the premium economy?

Yes! You can sleep well with Premium economy as the seats can be reclined and have calf rest and foot rest installed.

Conclusion: By walking through the detailed information about Singapore Airlines premium economy class, hopefully, you get clarity on whether it is worth it. To know more details, including the Singapore Air Premium Economy review, you can speak to the Singapore Airlines customer service directly or visit the airline's official website online.