• 29 Apr, 2024
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Detailed guidance on American Airlines multi-city flights

Multi-city flight is an advanced booking option available at American Airlines for travelers' convenience. This option allows a traveler to add more than one stop according to their requirements and complete a flight booking with ease. For your multiple-destination travel needs, you do not have to make separate bookings at American Airlines; you can simply get a reservation with the help of the multi-city booking option. Read this guide to understand how you can maximize your next trip. 

Book your Multi-City flight online

The online booking option is available on the American Airlines site, where you can opt for the multi-city option to look for a flight ticket according to your multiple destination needs. The procedure for the same is as follows:

  • Go to the official American Airlines homepage,
  • In the Book" tab, you must click on the "Advanced/Multi-city search" option,
  • By selecting the "Multi-city" flight option, put the required flight details in the columns,
  • To add more than 2 flights to your itinerary, you should click on the "Add another flight" option on the page,
  • Select the number of passengers, fare class, and other options suitable,
  • Now, tap on the "Search" button to avail the list of the required flights,
  • Check the availability of the flights and select one according to your preference,
  • You can move forward by selecting the "Book Now" button, 
  • Provide the details on the page as needed for the booking,
  • Next, pay the total fare to confirm your multi-city booking with American Airlines. 

Book your multi-city flight offline

The reservation desk of American Airlines can also be contacted by phone for your multi-city flight booking needs. The process you will have to follow to get an agent for your multi-city flight booking is given here:

  • Call this number: 1 (800) 433-7300 to connect at the reservation desk,
  • An agent will connect within a moment on the call,
  • Now, you should clearly share your flight requirements to get an appropriate booking,
  • State the needed destinations with travel dates one by one,
  • The agent will look for a suitable flight according to it and will complete the booking on your confirmation. Also know detailed information about Multi city flight.

Perks of booking multi-city flights with American Airlines

If you are unsure about booking a multi-city flight for your next trip with American Airlines, you should check out its perks before making your decision. The perks of a multi-city booking are:

  • One can expand their trip to multiple destinations as they want with the multi-city booking option, as flight stops can be managed depending on the requirement. 
  • Several trips can be combined as one while choosing the "multi-city" flight booking option. 
  • It can be cost-effective as the total fare of a multi-city flight is usually lower than the separate bookings for different destinations. 
  • Multi-city flight booking is also a time-saving way from the lengthy procedures of finding flights and booking individual flights as per different location flying requirements.
  • Best for business personal who requires to fly to different destinations often for work purpose or conferences. The multi-booking option will provide an opportunity of the time between two flights as per the need.