• 25 Jun, 2024
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A journey made easy for enceinte ladies on KLM Airlines. 

Nothing should prevent any expectant mothers from visiting the location of their choosing. The airline ride would be worth it because it would be cozy. KLM Airlines has designed its flying experience with the comfort of pregnant moms in mind. It is really calming and helps to revitalize before the lengthy journey ahead. The information that follows provides a thorough overview of the advanced comfort that comes with flying with KLM Airlines. Continue reading to learn more about it and get the information you need to make the appropriate reservation. 

Documentation needed for the journey.

If you are traveling with KLM Airlines and you are 29 weeks along with your unborn child, you will need to bring some official medical documentation with you in order to meet the requirements. The following are the necessary documents:

  • Reports on one or more pregnancies. 
  • Pregnancy confirmation paper without risk.
  • Estimated delivery date with the documentation.
  • The ideal time to fly is on a Friday.
  • Verification that the mother is well enough to go.

How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally in KLM?

Generally speaking, if your pregnancy is more than 36 weeks, you should not fly. You must have a go-ahead from the doctor to travel post this time. Your travel risk factor goes up when you're pregnant. This is because women find it more difficult to go over a certain altitude due to a drop in air pressure. Numerous health issues induce anxiety in many people when they travel. Flying increases the risk of death for pregnant women, as well.

KLM Airlines' policy on pregnancy.

To facilitate the booking process, it is necessary to review the KLM Pregnancy Policy prior to making any arrangements for an expecting mother. The following are the guidelines that are part of the policy:

  • Doctors advise against flying after 36 months, during the first three weeks of pregnancy, or during the first three weeks following the baby's delivery for the mother's comfort and well-being.
  • To ensure that getting off the seat and avoiding smacks to the stomach is as easy as possible, reserve aisle seats on the plane.
  • To prevent becoming restless when traveling, stay hydrated and stay away from carbonated or aerated beverages.
  • While getting permission is not required, you should still follow your doctor's advice and have the relevant paperwork on hand in case you need it for any extra services you would like to pursue.
  • Wearing compression stockings will promote healthy blood circulation.
  • It is recommended that soon-to-be mothers dress comfortably and in layers to deflect attention and ensure the kind of comfort they want.
  • Doctors generally recommend traveling during the second trimester. The risk factor is generally low, and you can enjoy the booked trip with KLM Airlines without any restrictions.

Pregnant women should consider KLM Airlines flights.

You need to follow some KLM Pregnancy rules when traveling with a pregnant woman in order to make the journey easier for you. The following are some guidelines for making a reservation with KLM Airlines:

  • Put on cotton or lightweight clothing.
  • Keep drinking water the entire way or stay hydrated. 
  • Put on comfortable shoes. 
  • Don't go anywhere during the third trimester.
  • Bring in all of your pregnancy-related paperwork.
  • Select a seat where there won't be as much activity to prevent needless disruption.
  • Steer clear of packaged and canned foods when flying.
  • Make an appointment with your physician to get the travel-related examinations completed.

Concluding Lines- Thus, from the details given in the article, you must have had the information about flight rules for pregnant ladies. If you require any special assistance, get in touch with KLM airline's customer support department via calls or go through their homepage for the reference required.