• 03 Jul, 2024
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Make travel easy for Pets on Canadian Airlines. 

Are you looking to travel with your puppy on Canadian Airlines? Traveling with your pet partner is something that most people crave, but due to strict rules, some airlines do not allow pets on Board, or if somehow allowed, there are some strict regulations that passengers need to follow. Well, traveling on any Canadian airline like Air Canada or others with your pets is easy. Many airlines allow pets to travel, and below is some essential information that you must be aware of if you want to fly with your pets. 

Rules and regulations for Pets to travel.

Before taking your pets on Board, you must keep in mind the policies for pets that your Canadian airline has offered for the safety and comfort of other passengers. There are all kinds of people who travel on Canadian Airlines, and those include both those who love pets and those who don't. Canadian Airlines has set some regulations so that everyone can fly with ease. 

When traveling on Board's cabin.

  • Flying in Hawaii, Central America, South America, or the transpacific region will not allow carry-on pets.
  • Only those pets who are trained to stand up, lie down, and turn around easily also in their kennel are allowed.
  • They are required to remain calm and comfortable in their kennel throughout the journey.
  • The size of the kennel must not exceed the given size by your Canadian airlines.
  • The pet should be healthy, and you must carry all the necessary health documents for your pet. 

When traveling on Cargo.

  • The pet should remain comfortably in its kennel, and there should be enough food and have water container that can be filled from the outside.
  • There should be food for 24 hours attached on the top of the; if there's any delay, then the pet can be looked after. 
  • The kennel size must not exceed the size as per the Canadian airline's policy.
  • Pets may not be allowed on flights that are 12 hours or longer.
  • For the check-in process, one should reach the airport with the pet.
  • If you need any information, you should immediately contact your Canadian Airlines and get the required support or help. 

How to add pets on Canadian airlines?

Anyone who loves traveling with their pets can easily make reservations on Canadian airlines and then later add their pets through online and offline modes. Below are both the methods discussed with easy explanation.

Online Method.

In this method, one can simply make the reservation first and then add their pet by following the steps given below.

  • Browsing to your Canadian Airlines official website and then moving to the manage my booking page.
  • Use the credentials asked and choose your flight.
  • Look for the add pet option and then follow the onscreen steps.
  • You will successfully add your pet by paying the fare difference, if any. 

Offline Method.

When it comes to adding pets via offline approaches, one can simply dial the Canadian Airlines customer support number and talk to the reservation executive, who will process your pet request. Alternatively, one can also reach the airport ticket counter and ask the ticketing executive to add the pet to the itinerary. 

Do Canadian airlines allow pets in cabins?

Yes, almost every Canadian airline allows pets in their cabin, and those who love to take their pets, dogs or cats, can easily bring them on Board. There are some restrictions on special species of dogs and other animals to carry on Board, so it is highly recommended that you consult with the Canadian customer support executive and get guidance from them regarding your pet's air travel. Also, you can read the Canadian Airlines pet rule for more information or simply check out their help page. Read more about Airlines' Pet Policy.