• 13 Apr, 2024
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Tips to travel with your Pets on any Airlines

Passengers often want to travel on the Airline with their Airline to reach any destination. However, carrying pets on the plane can be more traumatic when you are unaware of the actual airline charges and the types of pets allowed on its flights. All Pet-related crucial information will be covered here in this article, which you can refer to any time while traveling with your domestic dogs/cats on the flight. Airlines try to provide a suitable environment for your Pets during flight and take full accountability for their safety.

What are various airline rules that are necessary to understand before carrying Pets?

All well-known Airlines are concerned about Pets' health and comfort, so they have specific rules you should know before traveling on the plane. The below-mentioned pet-carrying rules will help you decide what steps you need to follow before carrying any domestic dog or cat on the AirlinAirlinerlinelines, which allow small pets to fit under the cabin seat in front of passengers along with their carrier.

  • The average size of a small pet should not be above 20 pounds or around 9.07 kg.
  • You can carry only one pet at a time on the Airline. For security personnel, two service pets are allowed per passenger.
  • When you carry any pets on the airline, you need to be informed about it 24 to 48 hours before the original departure.
  • Also, before traveling with Pets on the Airlines, you should pay a fee for extra space.
  • For service dogs in the USA, most airlines offer free traveling to any specific destination without any additional charges.
  • Pet carrier material should be made up of only metals, plastic, and soft fabric.
  • The carrier should have enough space for Pets to sit comfortably and turn their sides perfectly.
  • The average pet carrier dimensions for all significant Airlines is around 21.5X15.5X9 inches.
  • Also, the maximum and minimum kennel size for Pets on the Airlines will be approximately 40X27X30 inches and 21X16X15 inches.
  • For dogs/cats' safety reasons, Pets should never be exposed directly to higher temperatures for four or more hours.
  • As per Airlines, the suitable conditions for dogs while traveling are 29°C to 45°C.

What is the cost of carrying pets on the AirlinAirline?

Pay an appropriate fee if you want to travel with your pets together on the airline. The average charges for carrying Pets on domestic and international flights will vary from approximately $90 to $195 one-way for a single dog/cat. Moreover, pet-carrying charges will differ when you cover international destinations like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Etihad Airlines etc and to avoid any mistakes, you should check the actual Pet-related cost from the Airline's website or by calling customer service.

What documents are necessary while traveling with Pets?

Airlines require certain mandatory documents regarding Pet health, so before continuing the flight, you should get all required certificates for your dogs/cats. Here is a list of documents you must have when traveling with your pets on the plane.

  • Pets must have a health certificate from a certified veterinarian stating that dogs/cats are free from infectious diseases at least ten days before travel.
  • Rabies vaccinations signed documents or certification,
  • Breed verification forms
  • Temperature accumulation documents for cargo flights.

How to add Pets services to the airlines?

If you cannot leave your pets and want to continue the flight journey together, it is essential to inform the Airline. You can add pet services to the airline's page 24 to 48 hours before the scheduled departure. You can also get the Pet service facility on Airlines in the following way.

  • First, you should visit the airline's web page.
  • Choose the particular assistance column under the Help Center or Customer Service page.
  • Now, tap on the add Pet services link.
  • When the links are open, fill in all essential details about the number of Pets, size, color, and other details.
  • On the same online form, declare that you own the Pets and take full accountability before boarding the plane.
  • Before submitting the online Pet allowance form, check all the airline requirements, including documents and Pet carrier size.
  • You must complete the payment process for the Pet allowance on the Airline's official website.

Can I contact Airline customer agents for a Pet allowance?

Yes, when you do not have control over the internet and want to add Pet services, call the customer executives using the Phone. You can call the Airline's customer service center, XXX-XXX-XXX, and ask for assistance with pet allowance services. Tell the airline representatives about the Pet size, color, breed types, and other related information, along with your name. Airlines representatives will assist you with the pet allowance in some specific amounts before departure.

What pets are restricted at the Airlines?

There are some breeds of dogs and cats that Airlines do not allow to travel on their flights for security reasons. Some of these pet breeds are

  • Boston Terrier
  • English Bulldog
  • Pit Bull
  • Cane Corso
  • Burmese cats
  • Himalayan Cats

So, these Pet allowance rules and other related information will help you during the flight.