• 04 Jun, 2024
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What are the size requirements for Allegiant personal items?

Have you planned your travel by booking your flight ticket with Allegiant Airlines? If yes, then you must have packed your bags. While packing your bags, you must consider measuring the size of your personal item. When you board your flight, your Allegiant personal item size matters, and it must not exceed the dimensions allowed up to 8 x 14 x 18 inches. If it exceeds the limit, applicable fees will be charged. 

Allegiant Baggage guidelines.

When it comes to baggage with Allegiant Airlines then, there is a lot that you should know. However, baggage is one of the important factors whenever it comes to a flight, and Allegiant understands it very well. That is why this airline provides free baggage that you can carry with you on board, but there are some limitations that one has to keep in mind to make sure that you do not cross your limit. Below this line, you will be learning some guidelines that Allegiant Airlines has offered and that you must be aware of. 

Baggage Size Requirement.

  • Allegiant has a special baggage policy regarding baggage size. 
  • Carry-on baggage can be of any size, but it should not be more than 25 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm, and it must fit under the seat in front of you or fit in the overhead bin. 
  • If you carry any personal item, the max would be 20cm x 35cm x 45cm.
  • In the case of checked Bags, your size must not exceed 203 centimeters of total height + width + length.

Baggage weight requirements

  • Allegiant has some weight restrictions that customers must obey during their travel. 
  • For carry-on bags, the weight limit is 25 lbs or 11.34 kg.
  • Your checked bag must weigh within the limit of 50 lbs or 22 kg.
  • Any umbrella, duty-free items like clothes, perfumes, etc, and assistive device do not count in the carry-on allowance. 

Excess Baggage rules.

  • People are allowed to purchase extra baggage allowances in advance. 
  • The number of pre-purchase baggage is up to 4 bags per person according to baggage policy.
  • Adding extra baggage to your Allegiant flight itinerary will incur a fee, which may vary. 

Baggage Fees.

  • For any baggage found to be overweight or oversized, an applicable fee will be charged depending on the size and weight distribution.
  • A baggage fee of nearly $18 to $35 per bag would be charged at the booking time.
  • The baggage fee at the airport and pre-departure time will be around $50 and $45.
  • At the gate, you may be charged $75.

Is Allegiant strict about personal item size?

Well, it is not about strictness, but Allegiant is concerned about their passengers' safety and flight experience. To manage that, they have introduced certain limitations on baggage allowance, including personal item size.

  • Your personal items must be stored under the seating area. It must not cross the given dimension.
  • In case of disobeying rules, Allegiant Airlines counts your personal item as a carry-on and may change guidelines accordingly.
  • Items like fireworks would not be allowed in your personal items at Allegiant Airlines.
  • Devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, and strollers for medical use can be carried for free on Allegiant. 
  • The Personal item or carry-on baggage has to fit in the overhead space. If it does not fit into it or the dimensions are crossed, the passenger may be charged for it.

How big of a backpack can you bring on Allegiant?

A backpack is a must during a solo trip, and there is a limit on the size that is allowed for travelers to bring on this airline as a Carry On backpack should not go beyond the dimensions 8 in. * 14 in. * 18 in. (20cm * 35cm * 45cm).