• 08 Jun, 2024
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What is the baggage allowance for Saudi Airlines?

Saudi Airlines is a well-known Saudi Arabian Airlines flag carrier of Saudi Arabia. This airline offers Scheduke domestic and international flights to over 150 destinations worldwide. They offer multiple flight services and grant you the most amazing traveling flight experience. While traveling, passengers carry their baggage along, and airlines have certain rules and regulations regarding baggage allowance. Saudi Airlines also has a specific baggage allowance because every airline has different terms and conditions. Get updated with the figure and pack your stuff accordingly.

Saudi Airlines carry-on baggage allowance.

The carry-on baggage category is baggage that can be carried inside the aircraft. It can be a handbag, laptop bag, or other. However, the weight and height of your carry-on bag should be under the prescribed limit. Otherwise, the airline will not allow you to carry the luggage in an aircraft; it will be considered checked baggage. Before picking up stuff in your carry-on, go through the airline's carry-on policy once and then pack your stuff accordingly.

  • Saudi Airlines' carry-on baggage allowance is just a single piece of luggage.
  • The weight of the carry-on bag should not exceed 12 kg, and a briefcase should not exceed the 9 kg limit.
  • The size allowance for Saudi Airlines is 45 inches, and it should fit under the airline's front seat or on the upper head cabin.
  • An adult and the child are only allowed to carry hand luggage; infants are not considered. Also know in detail how to get refunds on a Cancelled Flight.

Saudi Airlines checked baggage allowance.

With Saudi Airlines, you can carry 2 checked bags along with you. However, the size and weight of the baggage are different according to the flight classes. Before managing your checked baggage, review the airline's checked baggage policy and get updated with the airline's terms and conditions. Then, you can pack your stuff accordingly.

  • As per Saudi Airlines' checked baggage policy, you can carry two checked bags if you travel internationally in first or business class.
  • The maximum weight for the checked baggage for the international flight is 3 kg each; ensure you do not exceed the limit.
  • If you are traveling by economy class, you can also check in with 2 bags, but the weight limit for each bag should be 23 kg. 
  • The free baggage allowance depends upon the number of pieces in the flight ticket, and the weight should not exceed 32 kg.

Saudi Airlines baggage allowance for an infant.

When traveling with an infant, it takes a lot of things to manage a kid, eventually increasing the baggage space as you need a little extra baggage. Certain airlines have rules regarding infant travel; to know about them, focus on the points mentioned below and proceed accordingly. 

  • Saudi Airlines tends to offer you free check-in baggage for an infant.
  • The weight limit of the checked bag should not exceed 23 kg respectively.
  • The sum of the length, Width, and height of the checked baggage for an infant should be less than 158 cm.

Saudi Airlines special baggage allowance.

Saudi Airlines offers free baggage allowances for travelers with special needs, which fall under the special baggage categories. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to know before proceeding. To know about them, bring your focus to the information as mentioned and get updated.

  • While flying with any disability, if you are carrying a wheelchair or a portable dialysis machine, you can carry it for free.
  • For blind and deaf passengers, you can fly with your service dog to accompany you. But you need to have a transport box for them as they are not allowed in the aircraft cabin. 
  • While traveling with an infant, if you are carrying a stroller along with you, it is considered baggage and will be stowed in the aircraft's hold.