• 15 May, 2024
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Learn about the different groups on Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines is one of the most significant airlines in the United States. It operates a low-cost carrier model to serve various passengers who book and cancel flights on its official website. This airline is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. If you have booked your flight ticket with this airline and want to make your boarding process comfortable, it provides you with A, B, and C boarding groups, and the position starts from 1-60+ during the check-in process quickly. If you want to enjoy the unique group position, you need to understand the groups on Southwest and plan your trip to your desired destination suitably. 

What are the different groups on Southwest Airlines?

You will get at least three Southwest boarding groups when you wish to make your boarding process outstanding. Hence, you might be assigned that boarding group in A, B, or C, and the position would be around 1-60 at check-in. Check the boarding group, which is also printed on your boarding pass. Southwest operates the best flights with open seating space, which you can use by selecting the best boarding groups. Hence, once you choose the Boarding Group, you will get the available seat and hold your carry-on items in the overhead bin or below the seat in front of you where you are sitting. Go through the details below to get significant advice and help for getting different groups.  

  • You will get the unique group and position combination, which you will find on your boarding pass and represents a reserved spot in the boarding group at the gate.
  • You can check out the number, which will be posted in the different gate areas to effortlessly indicate a better lineup.
  • You will be able to get the boarding group service using the numerical order in the aircraft and promptly get different boarding group services. .
  • Family boarding and seating:

If you are traveling with your family, including children, Southwest Airlines offers an excellent boarding facility. To make your boarding outstanding, go through the details below.

  • When you travel with a six-year-old child, you may get the family boarding service, which provides the facility of A Group boarded before the B Group Boarding service.
  • If the adults and children hold a boarding pass, they must get the assigned boarding seat with an accurate position waiting for family boarding. 
  • You can get enough open seats for the child to sit next to the next and ensure that one adult travels with the child.
  • If you travel with a child under 13, it is important to request the family boarding seat and ensure your child is traveling with at least two adults.
  • Preboarding:

When you travel with a disabled person with Southwest Airlines, you will get a facility pre-boarding service starting at the beginning of the boarding process and before the general boarding service. You will get the pre-boarding service between A Group and B Group, making your flight journey more convenient.    

  • Rapid Rewards Members:

If you have earned Rapid Reward with Southwest Airlines, you will have the facility of boarding service in A to B Group and easily avoid unnecessary trouble. Using the points, you can upgrade your boarding process and plan your tour to be more comfortable. 

  • EarlyBird Check-In:

It is the best method that helps you to automatically check your boarding process within 36 hours before your flight departure and secure a better boarding position. You will get the preferred available seat, earlier access to the overhead bin, and carry your luggage easily. Read more about baggage allowance in Southwest Airlines.


You will also get the best different groups on Southwest Airlines if you are a military personal, international passenger, or getting charter services, and make your flight journey fabulous ideally.