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How to get free WiFi on American Airlines?

American Airlines is a United States Airline known for its hospitality and in-flight services. WiFi is also available in the Inflight services, including food and beverage. You get the option to buy high-speed WiFi on your domestic flights. You can further enjoy your flight by using streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Suppose you look forward to availing of the free WiFi on American Airlines flights. In that case, you can get WiFi for a fee if you have an American Airlines Advantage credit card or use travel credits on other cards. There, you can enjoy free WiFi services for in-flight entertainment.

Does AA have WiFi on international flights?

American Airlines offers WiFi service on almost all flights. You need to purchase a WiFi plan to get started on board. While traveling internationally, you will likely have a long-haul flight, so to survive the traveling hours, you can choose to get internet services to fly while watching a movie or other entertainment videos. To get more up-to-date information regarding the American Airlines international flight WiFi service and its pricing, special offers, and other details, visit aa.com/wifi on your browser and get well informed.

How do I connect to AA WiFi inflight?

Connect your device to American Airlines WiFi in flight and enjoy internet flight services by watching a movie or streaming a show while flying. This is the best way to spend your time in an aircraft. You can connect your devices with the WiFi, such as your phone, tablet, and laptop. To learn how to connect your devices with AA WiFi, focus on the information cited below and proceed.

 Process to connect your device to AA WiFi

  • Open your device and turn off the airplane mode.
  • Connect to the “aainflight.com” WiFi signals.
  • If you are not redirected, then proceed with another option.
  • Open the browser and enter aainflight.com.

Can you use mobile data on a plane?

The passengers can use the internet on their devices during the flight only if they are connected to a WiFi network available on the flight. You need to turn on the WiFi even if you have activated airplane mode, and there, you can connect with the airline's inflight WiFi services and enjoy watching movies and series on the plane. You can not use cellular data on a plane as it can impact aircraft instrumentation and cause safety issues. Mobile phones lose their signals after reaching a respective height and lose their mobile internet connection.

How much do I need to pay to avail myself of the inflight WiFi service?

You can always access aa.com during your flight for free, but to avail of more entertainment services, you can purchase an inflight WiFi plan on almost all flight routes for about $10. If you are a frequent flyer looking forward to a monthly or annual plan, you can buy the American Airlines WiFi subscription plan to work on two devices.

American Airlines' monthly WiFi plan

  • Plan for 1 device - $49.93.
  • Plan for 2 devices - $59.94

American Airlines annual WiFi plan

  • Plan for 1 device - $598.
  • Plan for 2 devices - $698.

How can I seek help from an American Airlines agent regarding WiFi service?

Suppose you need help with your concerns regarding the American Airlines WiFi service. In that case, you can get support from a live airline person by discussing the queries you have been encountering or getting the WiFi plan. There are multiple ways to seek help. To learn about the modes, focus on the information mentioned below.

Call the American Airlines agent for WiFi support

To get quick assistance from the American Airlines live person regarding your WiFi services, you can speak to the agent by dialing the WiFi services helpline number and get the solution for your queries. To proceed with this mode, focus on the points mentioned below and get further started.

  • Dial the American Airlines WiFi customer service number - 1 844 994 4646.
  • Choose your preferred language and pick the WiFi query option from the IVR.
  • The agent will get on the call to sort out your concerns regarding the WiFi.
  • Humans will respond to your query with a suitable solution and help you further.

Send an email to the American Airlines agent

Rather than connecting with the airline agent over the phone, you can send your concerns through email. Mention your issues regarding WiFi in the given email space and send it to “[email protected].” After a respective period, the agent will reply with a suitable solution; follow the points below to proceed further with this mode.

  • Open any of your preferred emails and sign up.
  • Mention the American Airlines email and the query in the subject.
  • Start by mentioning your concerns in the given email space.
  • Give your other necessary information and valid contact details.
  • Attach the important documents or pictures, if any, and hit the send button.
  • The agent will reply to your email shortly and provide further instructions.