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How to Book Flights for More Than 8 People?

Almost every airline offers a window to book a flight for 8 people, but what if you have more than that? The given discussion will underscore the methods you can adopt to schedule a flight for more than 8 passengers, and that method is often referred to as "group booking." Know everything about the same in detail.

How do you reserve Group Flight bookings?

If you have more than 8 passengers, you can take the group bookings tab. To learn about the procedures, you are suggested to delve into the sections mentioned below; please look:

Call the Group Booking Agent: 

You can connect with the airline's group booking department through a phone call. Dial +1-650-451-0077, and wait until you are assigned an agent who will book your flight for 8 or more people. However, you have to remember a factor that some IVRs will also be displayed over a call, choose the one for a real person. 

Fill out the form and submit it:

Most airlines provide a group booking form on their official website. There are general steps highlighted below; you can follow them; 

  • Visit the official webpage of your concerned airline to begin the mode. 
  • Go either to the "Travel" or, "Help" or "Booking" section to find the "Group Travel" section. 
  • You will view the form and fill it out by providing all the details of passengers. 
  • Make the 10% of the fee (advance) and hold your reservation. 

Approach the help desk. 

You can schedule group bookings by approaching the help desk at the airport and asking to book a flight for 8 passengers or more. For 8 passengers, there will be a standard booking procedure but if you have more than 10, you can avail of the group booking perks such as early check-in etc. 

What is a Group Booking?

If you have 10 or more fliers with the same destination, travel dates, etc., can go for group bookings instead of individual flight tickets, and this refers to the "Group Bookings."

What is the Group booking policy?

It is important for one to be aware of the Group flight booking policy so one can know the eligibility, best practices to complete the process, and other factors; please take a look.

  • You at least require 10 passengers in your group to travel in a group. 
  • All the fliers must have the same destination, date of travel, etc. 
  • Infants are not counted in the total number of fliers as they do not occupy seats. 
  • Many airlines only take 10% of advance (non-refundable) to hold the reservation. 
  • You may get an allowance from the airline to modify the name as many times as possible. 
  • If, after placing a reservation, any passenger in your group cancels, the entire group booking can be canceled.
  • You are also permitted to choose your seats on preference.

NOTE: In case you have more than 15-20 fliers, you can also look for the option "Charter Flight." You get your personal flight, food and and other things will be served additionally. Contact your concerned airline for more information on the same. 

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