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How Can I Book a Flight for 7 People?

The most adventurous memories are made on a group trip! Understanding the need of the moment, many airlines offer group flights for small groups of at least 7 members. The coordination and all other assistance a group may require are provided single-handedly to all the group members by the airline's ground staff. Group bookings benefit the passengers in a bunch of ways that an individual flight for every member of the group cannot bestow to the customers. 

Ways to Book a Flight for 7 People:

Most airlines' group booking policy requires the passengers to form a group of at least 9 members or more to book such a flight. However, there are alternative airlines providing group flight tickets for smaller groups of a 7-member occupancy as well. You can request this type of booking using the modes given below:

Via customer support

Dial the group flight booking phone number: +1-650-451-0077 and follow the given steps to book a flight for your 7 People group.

  1. Passengers should dial +1-650-451-0077 to get live assistance for group booking.
  2. Use the IVR prompts to toggle through various menus and select the required details so that the same can reflect on the dedicated representative's screen. Or, 
  3. To request a group booking quote from a live agent, Press 9 at the end of the voicemail. 
  4. Note down all the information the support executive will require to provide you with the facts on perks and price details if you book a flight for 7 people. 

Through a travel agent or sales office

Experienced travel agents can get you astounding deals on your flight bookings using their thorough understanding of group ticket sales and which airlines can provide such a travel reservation. The agent will use the group booking quotes offered by the airline's official website to apply all the promotional codes and discount coupons they can to book a flight for 7 passengers. The dedicated sales offices for airlines or other travel agencies can provide you with a detailed booking structure for your group of 7. You can book a group flight ticket at the sales office after providing the following details:

  1. Your inbound and outbound travel destination. 
  2. The number of members with the respective names( these names can be changed anytime prior to the scheduled check-in).
  3. The date of your event. 
  4. Whether to book multi-city or not. 
  5. Special assistance you require to compare different airline group booking deals. 

Under the airline's official website influence

You can also request a group booking quote directly from the airline's website group booking page. Many airlines offer their personally designed group booking forms for gaining access to all the information they require about your group to check up on the eligibility criteria, the price deal they can offer for a better travel experience, and all the services they provide against the quoted price. 

Bottom Line

Apart from a cheaper price deal group bookings can get you many additional benefits as well. You can get special assistance like priority check-in and boarding, extra legroom, and name change benefits. 

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