• 09 Feb, 2024
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How Can I Book a Flight for 10 People?

Ever heard of the group flight bookings? If not, this is precisely what you need to confirm as the only resort to book a fight for 10 people. Group bookings are preferred by passengers traveling with more than just eight members to an extent due to the low ticket prices and heavy discounts offered by some airlines. You can easily avail of additional benefits if you proceed with such a booking for your team. 

Many airlines adopted the price quote arrangement designed to convey the group booking prices as per the airline’s terms and conditions. The quoted price will be subject to the ticket price list and the timeline you decide to make a flight reservation.

How to book a flight for 10 people on the phone? 

You can request a quote for your group booking commitment of 10 members using the online network or live supervisor in the following ways:

  1. Dial the Group flight booking phone number: +1-650-451-0077 for a live person’s assistance, excellent in finding group booking solutions for 10 people at the customer service help desk. 
  2. The helpline number will divert you to an automated IVR service if the hold time you experience on the line is longer than the usual hold time. 
  3. The virtual assistant will ask for your registered booking PNR in case you already have one. If not, say no and proceed further.
  4. The voicemail service dictates a set of instructions for various group booing assistance topics, listed below:
    • Press # to reserve a new group flight booking.
    • Press * to request a quote.
    • Press 1 to add or change group member names. 
    • Press 2 to apply for live support. 
    • Press 5 to change/cancel a group ticket. 
  5. Select from any of the services to finish applying for a group flight booking via phone call. 

How do I buy plane tickets for 10 people online?

You can access the My Trips service of any airline of your choice after comparing the quoted prices. The research may be long and exhausting. Hence, you may refer a travel agent for the same job. Access My Trips or Manage Booking as per your selected airline to buy a group flight ticket for 10 people or consult a travel agent to inquire more and let him handle the online booking for an experienced set up. You can also use the dedicated group booking forms applied by some of the techy airlines. Click here to know how to book a flight in Advance.

Why should I reserve a single booking for 10 people?

The booking made for a team of at least 10 members using customer support or the online request form is coined as group flight booking in the international airline markets. Such a reservation is more convenient for a group of people due to the additional perks listed below:

  1. The reservation will contribute with a single price for all passengers.
  2. Flexible settings allowing you to comply changes.
  3. Only a token costing 30% of the quoted booking price is charged at the time of booking. 
  4. Cheap ticket prices and additional vouchers. 
  5. Special amenities like lounge access, priority boarding, a live supervisor, and timely check-in.

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