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How to Book a Flight for 14 People?

To book a flight for 14 people, you will be required to check if your group qualifies for such a reservation or not. Airlines demand the following basic requirements to be fulfilled if you want to book your group members under a single flight ticket:

  1. Group Size- The minimum number of members of your group should not go below 10. 
  2. Group Member details- You need to provide the details of every member in your group, such as names, ages, valid ID proof, etc. 
  3. Valid Visa for international flights- You will be required to get and submit the respective country visas for every individual before you arrive at your arrival destination.

Once you collect the details of 14 members in your group, dial the dedicated group booking number for sales and support, +1-650-451-0077, and connect with the virtual service assistant. You can follow the given steps to get a live assistant on the call with a group flight ticket quote for 14 passengers:

  • Dial the hotline +1-650-451-0077 for an automated IVR service designed by the Group travel experts to provide immediate flight reservation assistance for 14 People. 
  • This IVR includes multiple customer service options and their respective codes too provide a virtual pathway to that particular service via voicemail. 
  • Hear all the options and toggle between the consecutive options to get a prompt solution. 
  • If you do not end up with a reliable solution for your query, you can request a sales agent on call. 
  • Once the voicemail stops reciting IVR options, Press 9 to talk to a live executive. 

How to Book a Flight for 14 Passengers Online? 

The group sales department has improved their ticketing facility by going online with their group flight booking services. Any passenger with a group of 14 members can request a group flight online by following the instructions given below:

Call Group Booking Number: You can dial the airline's reservation or customer support number to book a flight for 14 People at +1-650-451-0077. You can also contact the group sales helpdesk for customer support or even visit the ticketing offices personally for a relatively precise inquiry. The sales offices are proven alternatives for group reservations for a group, including a minimum of 14 members. 

Request a Quote- Use the group sales page of any airline's official website and land the dedicated reservation form or any alternative service to request a quote. Provide the required details and submit the request to get a response from a live group sales agent. 

Compare the Quote Price- Verify the quote you receive from the agent and book a flight for 14 passengers after paying for a compatible section in your flight itinerary. If the price goes cheaper than an individual fight ticket for every member of your group, reserve the ticket and complete your group details at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure. 

Complete the Payment- Pay the requested amount for your group flight to get priority check-in and boarding assistance for your group. 

When should I request a group flight booking?

It advised to request a group flight quote at least 6-11 months before the departure date from any airline's sales office or via a travel agent. The reason behind such an early reservation request is that late reservations can be more hectic and unaorganized, which might cause involuntary bumps in your boarding schedule. To avoid the last-minute struggle, book a group flight as soon as possible. 

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