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How to Book a Flight for More Than 9 People?

Most air carrier allows groups of 9 travelers or more to travel as a group and reach their destination, enjoying several benefits. If you wish to book a flight for 9 people or more you can either contact customer services at +1(650)-451-0077 or submit a quote online. All the details regarding same is presented in the sections coming. Also, customers must take about the important group booking policies. 

Call Customer Services to Make Group Bookings for 9 Passengers:

Group bookings can also be made by calling customer services. Those travelers who are not confident with the online procedure can always seek help from representatives handling group bookings.

Travelers can dial the group flight booking phone number, +1(650)-451-0077 and continue further by selecting their preferred language to book a flight for 9 or more people. As they come in contact with an automated voice, they need to refer to the generated instructions to get a hold of the representative handling group flight booking, finally, you can handle all the information regarding travelers, mention specific requirements, and pay charges to get your bookings done. 

Steps Book a Flight for More Than 9 People by Call:

While you need to book the group flight tickets and you have no clue or reference about the proper procedures, then you have group booking number to use and get special group fare deals. However, if you select the online option to book a flight for more than 9 people, then you can call the airline reservation center for help.

  1. Dial the group booking contact number +1-650-451-0077 to book a flight for more than 9 people.
  2. Now, you have to pick the language 
  3. Next, select the group travel option and proceed with further options
  4. Ultimately, your call is currently being transferred to a live person for help
  5. In the end, provide 9 travelers with information and complete additional options. 

Thus, with the help of using the above points, you get to book a flight for 9 people and get preferential travel packages for the group.

Online procedure to make group reservations: 

There can be a number of reasons why you wish to board the flight as a group; no matter what, you can always make use of the sequential steps mentioned below to book tickets with your co-travelers:

  • The group booking process must be initialized by visiting the website of your airline.
  • You will now find the group travel section.
  • Now, it is important that you submit a group travel request.
  • All the relevant information regarding travelers must be filled in carefully in the space provided.
  • Reread the filled information and make a transaction to get your group reservations confirmed. 

Group Booking Policies:

It is mandatory that the group travelers pay attention and follow the important policies. If you wish to book a flight for a group, then you must refer to the given important terms and conditions: 

  • Group travelers must qualify a minimum number of travelers as per their air carrier to qualify as a group.
  • Generally, seats are allocated to group travelers automatically; in case any passenger has a specific requirement, he can pay an additional payment to secure his seats.
  • Group travelers cannot cancel their bookings; if they change their plans, they need to cancel complete group bookings. 

Benefits of Group Reservation:

Those travelers who prefer to board flights as a group have several benefits as compared to individual travelers. If you have never earlier traveled as a group and are not fully aware of the associated benefits, then you can refer to the important benefits given below:

  • Group travelers have the flexibility to make payment after their quotation is confirmed up to flight departure.
  • Generally, group travelers are assisted by specialized representatives who help each individual with luggage, boarding, check-in, etc.
  • Group traveling is a cost-effective medium, as most airlines offer discounted rates and other impressive deals.
  • Group travelers are allowed to carry their infants, and they will not be considered as part of a group.

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