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How to book a flight for a group of people?

Any group travel to the desired place with a popular Airline can be more exciting when you know the convenient group ticket reservation process for the whole members together. Almost every well-known air carrier allows; Flight Booking for a Group; at some manageable prices, and you can reserve all members' tickets together online or by calling the airline's agents. Group flight reservations also have several benefits that you should know before making any ticket reservations. With the Group reservations, you can freely travel with your family during vacations or use multiple ticket options for professional business trips.

Book group flights through the online process:

To obtain an Airline-confirmed group ticket soon from anywhere as per your preference, you can stick with the Online procedures. For the feasible Group Booking Flights, you should adhere to some of the necessary Online steps. These important steps are given in the form of points, which can be useful to you while booking group tickets.

  • Initially, visit the Airline's Official website.
  • While reaching the Home Page, you can click on the Group ticket options.
  • Open the Group flight ticket form and fill out all the essential details about the 10 or more passengers' names, Emails, classes, trip types, origins, and destinations.
  • After filling out the form, the Airline will reach you with the best group travel quotations by Email.
  • As per your planned date, pay some amounts to hold the tickets which depends on airline rules.
  • But, before 2 or 3 days of original trips, you must pay the remaining payments for the Group flight ticket reservations.
  • After the completion of the group flight booking payments, you will get an Email notification that defines all your member's tickets are booked.

Call the Airlines agents to reserve group bookings:

You can also use the Phone to request the Group flight booking from the available live executives on the call. To contact live agents for the Airlines Group Booking, you can call the customer number, basically during working periods. On the call, you must share some of the important details, and follow the given instructions.

  • Contact the Airline's customer center by Phone.
  • While dialing the Group flight booking number, you can go with the language of your choice.
  • At the time of agent availability, you can request Group reservations such as all passenger details, travel date, seat class, trip categories, and arrival and departure.
  • After hearing the air ticket group booking requests, Airline representatives will suggest some options to you.
  • From the many options, you can continue with any Group flight booking options and pay 1/4th of the total amount on the official link to hold tickets.
  • Before the scheduled Airline departure, pay the rest of the amount for confirmation of the Group air ticket booking.

Get group booking through travel agents:

You can take the help of any reliable travel agency such as Travomint for group air travel. You can contact travel agency customer service representatives and ask them to arrange the group flight tickets. Tell them all the essential information about your groups and make successful payments to reserve airline tickets.   

Various conditions for the Airline group flight booking: 


Based on some necessary conditions, Airline group bookings are easily possible, and you should consider it correctly. With the essential rules, you can find a Group Booking ticket conveniently on any possible route. In addition, some of the policies related to airline group travel tickets are described here in the following points.

  • Airlines allow group ticket facilities only when the number of passengers is 10 or above.
  • When you are going with your Group members who are less than 10, you cannot avail of Group travel facilities even though traveling together.
  • You can make an advanced request for Group flight tickets up to 11 months before the actual plane take-off time.
  • While choosing the Group booking facility, Airlines offer all seats together in the same class to you and fellow members.
  • Name correction for Group passengers is free of cost before 72 hours of the original trip. But, when the name is rectified within 72  hours of the original departure, you need to submit the name correction or price differences.
  • To request the group tickets facility, you can use the Airline's official page and fill out the online form or contact customer support.
  • Group flight tickets are non-refundable in most of situations, and you can cancel it only as per the Airline's cancellation policy.
  • Any ticket cancellation within groups will be applied to all Group members.
  • The price for each of the members will be the same while purchasing Group flight tickets. 
  • Similarly, flight change within groups will be applicable for all groups of passengers as per the policy.
  • Partial payments may be necessary to hold the Group tickets.
  • Remaining amounts must be submitted before approximately 3 to 5 days to confirm the Group ticket reservations.

What are the benefits of choosing Airline group tickets?

Several benefits are there when choosing airline group tickets over individual reservations. Some of the primary benefits of selecting the Airline's group flight tickets are discussed in the guides.

  • You can find Airline group tickets at cost-effective prices, which are costlier when compared with individual ticket prices for the same destinations.
  • Airlines offer special rates for Group tickets and the price may depend on the number of passengers along with routes, 
  • Group tickets allow the flexibility of ticket modification for free or by paying the minimum fare differences.
  • Airlines Group flight booking also allows you to get extra complimentary  privileges at the time of Check-in and boarding the plane.
  • Some Airlines allow additional free baggage options when you book flight tickets along with your fellows.
  • By making some portion of payments, you can reserve it and pay the full payments for confirmations.
  • While choosing the group tickets, you may find seats near your family members or fellows who are traveling on the same plane.  

How many members are required to qualify for the Group booking at the Airline?

As per the recent rules, when 10 or more passengers travel to the same destinations together, they are qualified for the Group flight booking facility. While reserving tickets for all the group members, you need to request them through Email and fill out the Online form or directly contact customer spokespersons for help. After viewing your Group ticket requests, Airline-trained agents will reach and help you within 24 hours via Email or Phone and reserve your planned Group tickets.

Can I get discounts on every Group ticket from the Airlines?

Mainly, all eminent Airlines allow group flight tickets at discounted rates and you can reserve it anytime as per your requirement. However, specific Airlines don't need to always offer additional formal discounts for Group flight bookings because the average price for such tickets is already low in comparison to single air tickets. You can also connect with the Airline representatives and clarify the exact discounts on Group tickets for simple air travel. Moreover, for long routes, Group tickets will be beneficial to you in terms of overall prices.

Are there any charges while modifying Group tickets at the Airlines?

Airlines allow the flexibility of modification when you choose the Group flight ticket options. In some cases, you can modify your Group tickets for free or even with some minimum charges before 24 hours of original departure. So, read out all the group travel terms and conditions related to its charges before modifying members' air tickets easily.

How are Airline group flight tickets priced?

Airlines often strive to offer the best group flight tickets on its official page at a reasonable price. You can check and compare the overall group ticket prices online and proceed with the suitable one on a particular date according to your plan.  Usually, Airlines offer free quotations for Group tickets when you request by Email and do not charge any additional amounts. However, the service fees are already included in the Group flight ticket price, so you should consider it before any amount deposits.

How do airline group ticket reservation payments work?

When you are interested in group tickets, you can request it through the online form or reach customer support agents for multiple flight reservations together with above 10 members. Initially, you have to deposit a non-refundable $50 to $100 per passenger for group ticket requests. Also, the remaining balance must be completed 30 to 60 before scheduled departure as per the airline's ongoing policies to confirm the group flight reservations. The deposited non-refundable amounts will be adjusted and will also be included in the actual group ticket fees.

Can I plan for some other accommodation while choosing Group travel?

While you think about planning Group flight tickets with the Airlines, you can also ask for some of the other accommodations from the educated customer agents over the Phone. When the representatives are active on the call you can request them to arrange the hotel, meals, and car parking accommodation along with the Group travel tickets. You can also find the possible airline accommodations by referring to its original websites and checking the types of additional services that you need while traveling in groups such as hotel, food, car parking, lounge, and other lodging facility.

Can I avail Group booking facility at the Airport?

Ordinarily, only a few Airlines allow group ticket booking facilities at the nearest functional Airport. Otherwise, in most situations, you have to to the visit Airline's official page or contact its expert representatives to avail yourself of group flight tickets. So, check whether your airline support group travel booking is at the nearest Airport, and in case it allows tell about the group passengers name, class, along with other important details to the Airport helpdesk agents. The Airport executives will listen to your preference and suggest the best group travel ticket options.

Thus, depending on the Airline's group travel rules, you can have Group fight ticket confirmations even at the Airport.

How much amounts do I need to pay while traveling with infants in a Group?

The price will be different while traveling with family members and with the infants as a part of group travel. However, every Airline has some different guidelines for infants but the most common policies define the cost for infants during group travel. You can check the below points before traveling with the infants as parts of Group passengers on the Airlines.

  • Full fare will be applied to infants who are more than 2 years of age when traveling along with the group members.
  • Infants or small children who occupy seats are subject to the adult fare at the time of group travel according to airline conditions. 
  • Infants who are below 2 years of age are allowed either for free or with 10% of the original fees respective to any individual group member.    

Can I return on a different date for group booking?

Some Airlines allow return deviation on different dates even after availing of the group flight ticket. But, every Airline does not follow the same return deviation rules when you choose the Group fight tickets. To have more clarification about the Group member's return deviation on different dates, you can call the customer spokespersons and ask for immediate assistance on the same Phone Number.

Can I change the origin and destination points while booking Group tickets?

As per the Airline's strict terms and conditions, you cannot change the origin or destination points completely for the whole Group members. However, you can make itinerary changes within the Group ticket time or date only after going through Aairline's rules and regulations approximately 1 to 3 days before scheduled departure.

Is it mandatory to deposit some amounts for Group flight booking?

For the group ticket assurance, you have to submit the deposit amounts which are parts of the original ticket fare. In case you fail to deposit the Group ticket fare, you will lose your tickets along with the passengers fellow. However, you will be notified 3 days before the actual flight take-off time for your remaining amounts after the deposit is submitted.

What payments are allowed for Group flight ticket reservations?

Depending on your availability you can use the Online or offline payment mode for group-ticket payments such as credit/debit card, online banking, cheque, or cash. But, mostly cards or online payments are advised for the Airline's group tickets.

Hence, you can refer to all the given important details about the Airlines Group travel tickets before making any confirmed reservations.