• 09 Jul, 2024
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Accumulated information on changing the flight date on American Airlines.

Visiting your desired destination with American Airlines is always a beneficial option. The airlines will provide you with different services such as in-flight entertainment, extra baggage allowance, earning miles while traveling, etc. After making the bookings with American Airlines, if you get any issues, such as the flight is delayed, health is not convenient for traveling, the purpose of booking get canceled, etc., you will get the option to change the flight as per the plan. While changing the flight, there are certain policies that a traveler must follow, but if any travelers do not have information about the flight change on American Airlines, they will need to go through below. 

What is the flight change policy of American Airlines?

Having information about flight change policies is essential as it will help you determine whether you need to pay the flight change fee. If you do not have information about American Airlines' flight change policies, then you will need to go through the below. 

  • The flight change request made by the customer within 24 hours of making the booking is nonchargeable, but after that time, they will need to pay the flight change cost. 
  • The airline will only accept the flight change request if there are any vacant seats on the newly selected flight; otherwise, the airline will not allow you to change the flight. 
  • On the departure date, if the airline delays the flight due to its own reasons, like technical issues, fewer staff, air traffic, etc., then the customer will have the option to change the flight according to their preference. 
  • After making the flight booking, if any customer has medical issues that prevent them from traveling, they will need to show genuine health-related documents. They can change the flight without paying charges.

How can I change my flight date online on American Airlines?

There are different modes available to make a flight change request, but the most hassle-free medium is using American Airlines' official website. This is because the customer can check the availability of seats on the seat map, charges for the date change, available deals, etc. If customers need information about the flight change on American Airlines, they must review the points below. 

  • Find out the official website of American Airlines 
  • Following that, you will need to open the manage booking option 
  • Further, provide your last name with your PNR number and then tap over Change flight 
  • Next, you must choose the new date to travel and then select the flight from the available options 
  • After that, save the changes and pay the charges if available 

Can I communicate with American Airlines customer service to change the flight?

Yes, you can also make the flight change request by communicating with the American Airlines customer service team, and a representative will help you learn about the flight change policies, charges for flight changes, etc. To communicate with the representatives about a flight change, call this number 800-433-7300 and choose the language you want assistance with. Then, from the option of the IVR, make the selection that relates to the queries; doing that, the representative related to that IVR will take the call provide you with booking details, and change the flight. Read more about Flight Customer Service.

How much does it cost to change the flight on American Airlines?

When changing flights on American Airlines, you must pay certain charges, which will vary depending on the class of bookings, time left at the flight's departure, and destination. Still, you will need to pay between 180 USD to 300 USD for domestic flight change, and for international flight change, you will need to pay between 300 USD to 400 USD.