• 05 Jul, 2024
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How to Change the Name on a Domestic Flight Ticket with SpiceJet? 

SpiceJet is an Indian airline known for its impeccable services and flexible policies. When you book a ticket with Spicejet, ensure all your details, including the name, are correct. If you use an incorrect name, the booking will be canceled, and you may be denied boarding at the airport. SpiceJet allows passengers to modify their name through its official website or phone, subject to certain terms and conditions. Besides, you may also need to pay the name change fee based on a few factors. The details are discussed thoroughly in the article, so let's begin. 

How do you change the name on a Domestic Spicejet flight? 

If your name is incorrect on the SpiceJet ticket, you can modify the booking via the website, by phone, or at the airport. Additional services tax may be applied if you use airport and phone options. Here you can find the step-by-step process to change the name on Spicejet domestic fight booking; take a look: 

  • Go to the SpiceJet official website online 
  • Look for the manage my booking section and retrieve bookings 
  • Enter the PNR number/ Ticket number and email ID/ Last name, search for booking 
  • Select the flight ticket with the incorrect name and click on 'Edit Reservation.'
  • Modify the name and ensure it matches the passport and government ID, save it 
  • Follow the prompt, and once modifications are done, you will have the confirmation from the airline 

SpiceJet Domestic Flight Name Change Policy 

SpiceJet allows passengers to modify their names for free if their departure is after a week, and they change their names within 24 hours. 

Spicejet doesn't allow you to change the name completely; instead, you can make corrections to it. SpiceJet allows you to make minor corrections in the name, up to three characters. If you need to change the name on the ticket or transfer it to someone else, cancel the booking and make a new reservation. 

You are also required to pay the name change fee based on different factors such as fare conditions, cabin class, change time, etc. 

If you change the name on Spicejet booking due to legal reasons, such as divorce, marriage, etc, the airline doesn't charge any change fee. However, you are required to submit the legal documents as proof before the departure. 

The SpiceJet name change policy applies to the bookings you made directly from the SpiceJet website, by phone, or at the airport. It doesn't apply to third-party bookings. 

SpiceJet Name change fee 

The name change fee is based on various factors such as fare rules, cabin class, membership status, changing times, etc. You can contact SpiceJet customer service directly to get the exact information about the fee. 

Conclusion: You can change the name on Spicejet domestic flights anytime through the official website and by phone, subject to the booking source. Follow the SpiceJet name change terms and conditions to avoid any hassle and inconvenience. In case more details are needed or you have any doubts, speak to SpiceJet customer service directly, or you can visit the official website of the airline.