• 10 Jun, 2024
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Spread your awareness for the baggage allowance for Etihad Economy Class 

Etihad is one of two flag carriers in the United Arab Emirates, and its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Zayed International Airport. It offers a splendid flight booking service on its official website, where you can find the best services to secure your booking. So, if you have booked an Economy Class and getting worried about the baggage rules and ask what is the baggage allowance for Etihad Economy Class, you may carry only one cabin bag weighing up to 7kg per passenger. It can be more comprehensive than 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm, and you cannot carry an additional personal item on board. To learn more about baggage allowance for Economy Class flights, you must gather crucial information and plan your tour more comfortably. 

What is the baggage allowance for Etihad Economy Class?

If you want to understand the Etihad baggage allowance, it generally depends on your route, type of ticket, and Etihad Guest Tier Status, which you can check accordingly. It gives you flexibility in packing what you need to carry without worrying about additional fees. When you reach the airport and look for the check-in service for your baggage, you will find the calculator and understand the Etihad baggage allowance for a cabin in Economy Class suitably. In addition, when you book your flight ticket, or after it, you can check the baggage allowance, which you can read to avoid unnecessary hassle during your tour. If you want to avoid the baggage allowance, you must check out the baggage rule, which you can read below.

  • In Etihad's Economy Class, you can travel with one checked baggage of 20kg or 23 kg per passenger. 
  • Your carry-on luggage's weight and size must be 7kg; if you travel with additional items in Economy Class, it must be around only 5kg per passenger.   
  • Travelling in Economy Class, you can check your baggage up to 62 inches in total dimensions. 
  • Etihad's cabin bag allows you to travel with a lithium battery, electronic cigarettes, refills and e-liquids up to 100 ml, and you can carry your laptop. 
  • When taking your indispensable medicine and medical equipment with a prescription or letter from your doctor, you may easily carry them in your baggage. 
  • You can travel with a maximum weight per bag that should be no more than around 32 kg, but if it is more, pay the extra charges, depending on routes and ticket types.

Something important for checked baggage allowance:

You will need to go for the checked baggage allowance carefully before going to the airport because if you need to pack more items in your bag, adding extra baggage online before you arrive at the airport is cheaper. You can save up to 65% for extra baggage online at Etihad's official website, which you can do during or after booking your flight. This service is available before the first flight departure to check your baggage easily. But if you need help with baggage allowance and other services, feel free to contact a customer representative team to get help instantly.