• 25 Jun, 2024
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Does Air India have a 25 Kg baggage allowance?

"Air India" is India's flag carrier that serves more than 100 well-known destinations. Whenever travelers use the Air India flight, they want to know the exact baggage allowance facility. Air India has different baggage allowances depending on the travelers' class. However, for the Premium Economy Flex and Business Class Comfort Plus tickets, Air India allows up to 25 Kg bag per traveler as per the baggage rules. Further, Air India does not allow a 25 Kg baggage allowance facility if passengers have Comfort Plus tickets under Premium Economy class.

What are other Air India baggage rules for flight travel?

For a feasible journey with Air India, passengers should remember the correct baggage rules before traveling to any major domestic or international city. The illustrative points show the correct Air India baggage rules that passengers can follow to avoid any problems during traveling.

  • As per the policy, Air India has variant bag allowances depending on the passenger's ticket type and class.
  • Finally, baggage allowances for international departures will be considered for passengers who use both domestic and international flight sectors together.
  • They can carry a single personal item and one carry-on bag for free on Air India flights.
  • Passengers who carry two separate Air India domestic and connecting International flights can receive a free baggage allowance if their distant trip is within 24 hours.
  • Star Alliance Gold members can carry up to 20 kg in Air India Economy class tickets.
  • Passengers with elite Premium club memberships at Air India may get an additional baggage allowance for free.
  • They can carry free infant collapsible strollers or car seats on Air India flights without penalty.
  • Students are allowed an additional 25 Kg bag allowance on Air India flights regardless of class and route type.
  • Moreover, the maximum allowance for single-bag weight limit at Air India should not exceed 32 kg.
  • According to the police, Air India allows the assistive device for free as additional baggage.
  • The carry-on bag allowable size at Air India is 55X35X25 cm and valid on all possible routes.
  • Similarly, passengers' checked baggage should be under 272 cm in size, including length, width, and height.
  • For additional baggage, they should refer to Air India's official website or contact its customer support agents at least 6 hours before the original trip time. Read more about extra baggage to international students.

How can I add the extra bags to Air India?

Whenever travelers want to carry additional bags on an Air India flight, they must inform the Airline executives using the online process. However, they can follow the instructions mentioned to add excess baggage on Air India.

  • Travelers should open the Air India home page: https://www.airindia.com/.
  • They can now tap on the Manage Booking menu and enter their PNR/booking code and surname.
  • When the Air India ticket details are available, they should click the add baggage button.
  • After following the correct policy and paying for the service charges, they can now choose the additional baggage.
  • When travelers submit the extra baggage fees using the Air India official link, they will receive a notification email or their boarding passes will be updated with these additional bag allowances.