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Comprehensive information about Air India baggage allowance and policies:

Air India is a hugely traveled-through airline. This airline is preferred by passengers to reach domestic as well as numerous international destinations. However, there ar many travelers who board a flight for the first time and have a lot of curiosity regarding baggage allowance.If you are an international student and you wish to curate all the information regarding baggage allowance or weight limitation regarding luggage then you can collect the information from the subsequent section. Also, you must make sure that you are considering the baggage policies set by the airline to avoid any confusion and trouble during your trip.

Does Air India give extra baggage to international students?

Yes, there are certain destinations to which Air India permits extra luggage for international students. Now you must be wondering, "How many bags are allowed in Air India International?" so it depends upon the location and route selected by students. Air India has marked different destinations as different bands, and on the basis of that, travelers have the flexibility to carry additional luggage of up to 20 kg skipping additional fees. International students are permitted to carry one carry-on bag whose dimensions must be under the limit of 55*35*25, along with one personal item. They are permitted to carry two check-in bags weighing 23 kg and 32 kg for economy and business travel classes, respectively.

Air India baggage policies:

Travelers must always note that there are certain sets of baggage policies that must be taken into account if you are planning via Air India. No matter whether you wish to board a domestic or international flight, you must always obey the important policies mentioned below:

  • In any case, Air India does not allow travelers to carry sharp objects and harmful weapons. Travelers must prohibit themselves from carrying any harmful object.
  • Travelers must make sure that their check-in bags must fit in the overhead bin space space under their seats.
  • Travelers must also be aware that they can only carry liquid, gels, or aerosols in plastic bags, and that must be under 100ml.
  • Travelers must be aware of the dimensions and size of bags allowed and if they exceed the limit set by the airline, they need to pay additional charges.
  • While traveling with Air India, travelers can carry a wheelchair or other medical assistive devices for free without paying any charges.
  • In some cases, travelers also carry infant bags and strollers for free in Air India.
  • Travelers can carry sports items and musical devices as checked-in luggage.
  • Assistive devices can be carried on Air India free of charge as additional luggage.

Air India baggage allowance:

Along with the baggage policies, travelers must also pay attention to Air India's baggage allowance. The details given below must be carefully read and followed by the travelers to avoid any issues carrying their luggage.

  • Travelers are allowed to carry 20-40 kg as checked-in bags on Air India flights, depending upon their travel class.
  • If you are a Star Alliance gold member, then you can carry 20 kg of additional luggage in economy class.
  • Travelers who are part of the Air India Flying Returns program can get additional luggage.
  • The allowed dimension of the carry-on bags is 55cm*40*cm*30cm.
  • The dimensions of checked-in bags allowed on Air India depend upon travel class and route.
  • The weight of a single bag must not exceed 32 kg on Air India flights.
  • The total dimension of the two bags allowed in economy class must not exceed 272 cm, and the dimension of the individual bag must not be more than 157 cm.
  • If travelers are traveling in business or first class, then he is allowed to carry bags whose total dimension is under 157cm.

Does Air India charge a fee for carrying additional luggage?

Yes, Air India allows travelers to carry extra luggage by paying additional charges. The exact fee depends upon the destination and weight of your additional luggage. Approximately travelers are required to pay $130-950. The exact fee can be estimated based on the number of bags and weight by approaching Air India customer services.

Conclusion: By referring to the information provided above your doubt "Do students get extra baggage allowance in international flights? It must have been clarified. If still any doubt prevails regarding luggage, you can get through customer services by dialing: 1-888-634-1407 and receiving all the solutions to your issues.