• 07 Aug, 2023
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Air India Baggage Allowance for students

Passengers raise the query about how much baggage allowed in Air India for students so they can pack their luggage as per the airline’s baggage norms. So, you are suggested to give a look at the points that are described below:

  • Students are allowed to carry 1 additional baggage, and the weight must not exceed 23 KG. 

  • This (1 bag) is in addition to the standard baggage policy, which applies to all passengers (except Elite Class members). 

Air India Baggage policy

There is always a need to understand the Air India baggage policy with which you will be able to know the Air India baggage limit for students, and that can save you from incurring any additional charges to the airline (in case of violation of any of the baggage norms).:

Carry-on luggage:

  • You can take 1 personal bag and the other one, must fit in the overhead bin. 

  • The size of the bag should not exceed the dimensions of 55cmx40cmx20cm. 

  • The maximum weight you have to restrict is 8KG or 18 lb. 

Checked Baggage. 

  • You are permitted to carry 2 personal items while weight must not exceed 32 KG/bag, and the dimensions should be restricted to 158 cm. (for First and Business Classes). 

  • In economy class, you must not exceed 23 KG; however, you can carry 2 bags in the cabin, and the dimensions must be restricted to 158 CM. 

NOTE: If you have an infant without a seat, there is a separate policy that is included in the same; please read some more points associated with the same:

  • Air India has allowed passengers to carry 23 kg of luggage (must be 1). 

  • Dimensions must not exceed 115 cm. 

  • And, as per its baggage policy, you can carry (in addition to 1 bag) a collapsible stroller for the infant. 

Excess Baggage

You will be charged 1.5% of your total or the highest economy ticket fare for all the excess baggage on Air India. However, the airline may charge you an additional fare for exceeding the set baggage limitations. 

NOTE: You must be aware of all the changes, prices, etc., laid down by the airline. And you can get to the agent on their helpline phone number, where you will be assigned an agent to look after your queries. 

Special Baggage. 

The airline has also laid down special baggage norms that include Guitar, sports equipment, etc., so travelers do not get into trouble. So, to know about the same, you are suggested to read the points as described below; please have a look:

  • For all the special baggage, the maximum weight, which has been set up by the airline, is 75 KG or 165 lb. 
  • The baggage must be wrapped or packed perfectly so it does not cause any issues for other travelers. 
  • You must avoid any harmful or cautious goods in this special baggage. 
  • You must reserve an additional reservation for this special baggage in advance to get the airline's allowance to take it. Otherwise, you can be denied in case of unavailability. 
  • The size must be low to avoid hassle while carrying it, etc. 
  • If you have concerns related to the same, you can adopt multiple methods to approach the airline, where an agent will be provided who will listen to your concern and provide proper answers. 

Do students get an extra baggage allowance in Air India?

Most times, passengers question whether Air India allow excess baggage for students. So, to know about the same, you are requested to examine the points as described below; please have a look:

  • Yes, Air India allows extra baggage allowance to passengers (Students) in different classes, such as First class and Economy class.  
  • The excess baggage advantages are not restricted to Domestic flights but also apply to International travel. 
  • If you are traveling in Economy, you are permitted to take 20 KG of extra bag; however, it varies from different destination to destination.