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Get a deep understanding of KLM Luggage Allowance

When reserving seats with KLM, travelers must carefully review their luggage limit per the fare conditions. This step will ensure you select the travel class that fits your needs or pack the luggage based on the specified limit. KLM is strict with the imposed luggage allowance and advises travelers to carry luggage according to the limitations. One can add excess baggage with KLM at the airport or through the website if needed. Read the provided segments to get an understanding of the luggage limit at KLM.

KLM Airlines Luggage Allowance Policy  

Hand Luggage allowance

Hand baggage is considered to be carried on the plane along with the passengers. It should be minimal, small luggage that can easily fit in the above-head compartments or under the front seat. The allowance for hand luggage for different travel classes is outlined here:

Economy Class

  • One hand luggage per passenger up to 12 kg of weight. 
  • The size of hand luggage should not exceed 55*35*25 cm dimensions. 
  • 1 small handbag or laptop bag can also be carried of maximum size 40*30*15.

Premium Comfort Class

  • Each passenger is allowed to carry 2 hand baggage along with one personal item. 
  • The maximum limit of a single piece of hand baggage is 12 kg. 
  • The set dimensions for a piece of hand luggage are 55*35*25 cm.
  • In addition, a personal item is allowed to be carried.

Business Class

  • Two pieces of hand luggage are allowed per passenger of 18 kg each. 
  • One additional personal item can be carried with dimensions of 40*30*15 cm.
  • The hand baggage size limit is 55*35*25 cm. Get more information about Can I take a handbag and backpacks as hand luggage?

Checked Luggage Allowance

Checked luggage is typically the big bag transported to the destination in a separate compartment. The checked baggage permit depends on the travel class. Find the allowance based on different travel classes below:

Economy Class

  • The passengers who hold a light fare type on the economy class with KLM are not permitted to carry a piece of checked baggage. 
  • Standard or flex fare flight tickets allow passengers to carry 1 checked baggage weighing 23 kg with dimensions up to 158 cm. 

Premium Comfort Class

  • A standard or flex fare passenger would be allowed to carry 2 checked baggage on the flight.
  • Each bag should not be more than 23 kg.
  • The maximum size allowed for the bag is 158 cm. 
  • The Light Fare Premium Comfort Class does not allow any checked baggage. 

Business Class

  • The light fare business class allows 1 checked baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg. 
  • Flying on the Standard or Flex fare permits to carry 2 checked baggage of 32 kg each. 
  • The checked baggage in business class can be up to 158 cm. 

How much extra baggage is allowed in KLM?

It is possible that a passenger is required to carry luggage that is more than the specified limit on the KLM flight. In that case, they can they can add extra baggage to their reservation by paying the standard fee. Each passengers are allowed to carry a total number of 10 items. Adding an extra baggage costs between EUR 70 and EUR 300.