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Can I take a handbag and backpacks as hand luggage?

Generally, most Airlines allow their passengers to bring both carry-on and personal items such as backpacks, laptop bags, purses, briefcases, and shopping bags but the items should not exceed the dimensions issued by the Airline and must be fit underneath the seat cabin. However, the carry-on dimensions may differ as they are based on the Airline to Airline. To know the basic terms and conditions of carry-on baggage on the flight you should read the following description.

Carry-on Baggage measurement and size:

Passengers who are traveling on a flight for the first time then you must keep the carry-on luggage size in mind while packing and heading to the Airport. As we know each airline has its restrictions for how much carry-on items are allowed. To avoid the extra baggage fees while boarding the flight take note of the given details.

  • In general, most airlines allow carry-on bags with measurements 22 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches high including wheels and handles. Passengers should make sure that the measurements don't exceed 45 inches.
  • As per TSA regulations, personal items' dimensions should not exceed the length 18 inches, 14 inches in width, and 8 inches in height.
  • However, there are no restrictions on handbags but the item must fit under the seats for example purses and laptop bags.

Can I bring a backpack and a purse on the plane?

Yes, Airlines allow their travelers to bring one backpack and personal items such as handbags, small bags, laptop bags, and more which should not exceed the limit of 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in height however the carry-on item should be fit underneath the seat cabin. To get the correct information about the carry-on rules of specific Airlines you are supposed to get in touch with the Airline customer support representative and they will assist you with the same.

Can I bring 2 personal items on a plane?

As per the Airline's carry-on rules and regulations, passengers are allowed to bring only one personal item in the cabin for example - a laptop bag, or handbag and it must not exceed the dimensions of 40"30"5 cm and 16"12"6 inches. Therefore, You can bring one carry-on item with a maximum limit of 55*40*20 cm including wheels and handles. If the traveler wishes to bring the extra carry-on then the Airline does charge the excess baggage fee which depends on the fare class, distance, arrival or departure Airport.

Does my purse count as a personal item?

Yes, as per carry-on terms and conditions purses, laptop bags, umbrellas, camera cases, and small backpacks, all of these are considered personal items. The item should be small enough that it can easily fit under the seat in front of you.

What if the carry-on bag is bigger than the issued measurement limit?

As per the carry-on rules, if your baggage is over the limit then the Airline will check the bag at the gate and you will be required to pay a hefty fee which is based on the fare type the customer has purchased, departure/ arrival airport, travel distance and more. However, it is not necessary that it always happens the same sometimes the Airline executive might not notice if it might be ignored so it is based on the Airline to the Airline.

What is the difference between carry-on and personal items?

Most Airlines allow carrying both personal such as handbags, laptop bags, shopping bags, and carry-on bags therefore the General thumb of rule states that the personal item should be smaller in dimension and it can easily fit underneath the seat in front of the passengers else it will count as backpacks.