• 29 Jun, 2024
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Which international airlines permit pregnant women to travel?

Pregnancy is the time when the lady needs all the attention and care, as they are carrying a baby in their bellies, which is not an easy task, and think of traveling during this time. The responsibility of taking care of them multiplies as during the journey, you may encounter a lot of obstacles which should be crossed without any trouble. The first step you should take is to select the best international airline that offers facilities to pregnant women so they can go through the flight journey comfortably. Let us help you choose the best international airline that provides some amazing services. We will discuss some airlines and the policies they share so it can be easy for you to pick the one you find supreme. 

The international airlines that have facilities for pregnant women: We are going to discuss each airline and its policies further in detail so it can be easy and quick for you to select which airline you want to travel. You should also enquire what offers or discounts they are offering at the time of booking and choose the airline that is making the journey budget-friendly; 

  1. Cathay Pacific
    • You do not have to submit any medical papers before the 28th week with a single pregnancy.
    • After the 28th week of pregnancy until the 36th week and after that time you need to submit the medical certificate that signifies that you are fit to travel. 
    • With multiple pregnancies, the same rule will be applied, but the medical certificate you submit after the 28th week of pregnancy condition should be issued by the doctor within 10 days before the travel. 
  2. British Airways
    • There should be a medical clearance for the passenger traveling before the journey starts.
    • If they have any complications with the pregnancy, informing the airline beforehand is important. 
    • With single pregnancy, traveling after the 35th week is prohibited. 
    • With multiple pregnancies, you are not allowed to travel after the 32nd week. 
    • Whenever you are traveling, submitting the medical clearance certificate is mandatory. 
  3. Emirate
    • Without any medical papers, you will not be allowed to travel. 
    • The airline will let you travel with them only after the 29th week of a single pregnancy until the 37th week. 
    • With multiple pregnancies, traveling is allowed after the 29th week until the 32nd week. The journey is not permitted after the 33rd week. 
    • Your medical certificate should include the date of pregnancy, condition, complications, and every required detail. 
  4. Delta Airlines
    • ​​​​​​​There will be no restriction on traveling with Delta while you are pregnant. 
    • However, you must submit the medical certificate if you are traveling after the 8th month of your pregnancy. 
    • You should always make sure that your doctor permits you for the journey. Read more about Delta Air Lines policy for pregnant passengers.
  5. Turkish Airlines
    • ​​​​​​​If you are pregnant with a single baby, Turkish Airlines allows you to travel after the 28th week and until the 35th week. 
    • After the 36th week of pregnancy, the airline will not let you fly even with the clearance from the doctor. 
    • The restrictions with more than one baby start after the 31st week of your pregnancy.