• 30 May, 2024
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What is Delta Air Lines' policy for passengers who are pregnant?

Delta Airlines does not impose any restrictions on pregnant women's flight travel and does not even demand a medical certificate for your travel. However, if you are flying after your eighth month of pregnancy, they advise you to consult a doctor to know whether it is healthy for you to travel by flight. Here are some more crucial policies laid out by the mentioned airlines regarding the flight travel of pregnant women.

  • Pregnant passengers are allowed to fly with Delta Airlines up to 27 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • You can also travel with the concerned airlines for up to 35 weeks if no delivery complications exist.
  • The passengers may need to provide a health certificate if traveling during the 35th pregnancy week.
  • The airlines also suggest choosing seats with extra legroom for a more comfortable flight journey.
  • They also advise avoiding air travel during the final pregnancy month and for six to eight days post-delivery.

Can a pregnant woman sit in an exit row Delta?

No explicit rule is laid by the concerned airlines regarding assigning pregnant ladies' seats. However, it is not suggested that pregnant women not choose the exit row seats during the seat selection process. In emergencies, exit row seat passengers would be required to lift things and help with the emergency procedure. These challenging tasks put a lot of strain on the body, which pregnant women should strictly avoid to ensure their safety.

What is the cut-off month for flying when pregnant?

The cut-off month is the month limit until the airlines allow you to fly with them in pregnancy cases. Delta Airlines enables pregnant ladies to fly with them until about 36 weeks of pregnancy. After the specified period, the airlines may restrict you from traveling with them due to higher chances of health complications and flying risk. Moreover, during the cut-off month period, the respective airlines may only allow you to fly domestically to avoid health complications.

How do I book a Delta flight for pregnant women?

Most flyers lack information about the booking procedure for pregnant women, which may increase the possibility of health issues and safety concerns during the flight travel. To ensure a smooth and safe flight travel with the concerned airlines, reserve a suitable flight with a comfortable seat and apply for essential medical assistance. Read ahead to discover the varied methods of booking an appropriate flight with the concerned airlines for pregnant women.

Book a flight for pregnant women through the Delta website.

The most suitable way to secure a desirable seat with the concerned airlines is to book your flight through their website. It offers numerous benefits that make the flight reservation process more manageable, such as flexibility of seat selection; if you mention "Pregnant" in the passenger type, you will also receive recommendations regarding medical assistance, etc. Here are the steps to follow for flight reservations.

  • Browse the office of Delta website lines to begin the process.
  • By default, a flight reservation form will appear on the home page.
  • Enter your trip details in the given form and press "Search."
  • All the available flights with varied fare prices will appear.
  • Select the appropriate one and make adjustments in seats, etc.

Call Delta officials to seek support regarding the pregnant flight reservation.

You can also contact the respective airlines' customer service to seek assistance regarding pregnant women's flight booking procedure. Their officials will also provide you with all the essential information regarding flight travel, such as the measures you should take, which seats you prefer, etc. To get a hold of their representatives, dial the Delta Airlines Customer Service Number - 1 (800) 221-1212. Their technical team offers around-the-clock service to its consumers.