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Can airline tickets be changed to another date?

Before making some changes to your flight, you are seeking sufficient knowledge about the flight change terms, and while reading it, you are confused about whether airline tickets can be changed to another date or not. So, as per the survey, you can change your airline ticket to another date most of the time, but there are some things or essential points that you have to remember.


You may be charged a fee by the airlines for making the change, which can be based on the airline, the fare class of your ticket, and how far in advance you make the change.

24-hour grace period-

The Department of Transportation in the United States requires airlines to offer a 24-hour grace period for changes or cancellations made within a day of reservation, as long as the ticket was purchased at least seven days before the flight.


The new date you want to fly may not be available, especially if it's a popular travel time.

Fare difference-

If the new flight is more pricey than your authentic credentials, you will be required to pay the contrast in cost.

Which airline has a free date change?

Generally, Airlines don't offer free date changes on all tickets. A few airlines offer free date changes, but it's necessary to note that these offers are often subject to specific terms and conditions, such as booking window, travel period, fare class, and destination. There are the details of some airlines that tender the free date change; view it.


They currently offer a "Zero Change Fee Offer" on all new and existing bookings, having special fares. However, the change must be made three days before the flying date, and any fare difference applies.

Spirit Airlines-

They offer no change fees for travelers seeking to make modifications to their reservation 60 days or more before the departure date, which uses to all fare sorts.

Qatar Airways-

It can offer a "change anytime" fare option that permits unlimited date changes without taking any fee. However, this option is the most expensive fare option.

Emirates Airlines:-

It offers a "Flex Plus" fare option that allows for one free date change without a fee, which is more expensive than other fare options.

Which Airlines can you change flights?

Moreover, you can't change flights directly with the airlines; therefore, to learn about it, some airlines enable easier flight changes, so you must consider that.

Southwest Airlines-

It is known for its flexible change policy, allowing you to change flights for free as long as the change is made before the day of travel and as long as there's a seat available on the new flight. Therefore, be aware that the fare may differ depending on the new flight you choose.

Alaska Airlines-

Alaska Airlines enables you to make changes on the flight for free within 24 hours of purchasing the flight, even if you buy a non-changeable ticket. After 24 hours, there is a fee to change your flight, which varies on the specific flight and fare class.

JetBlue Airways-

It allows you to change flights for free within 24 hours of booking or if your flight is revoked or extremely delayed. After 24 hours, there is a fee to change your flight, which varies on the specific flight and fare class.

Thus, it is crucial to remember that airline policies can change, so it's always best to check the specific airline's website for their latest policies on flight changes before booking your trip. Additionally, some airlines may offer more flexible change policies for certain fare classes or if you have elite status in their frequent flyer program. For more information, you may continue to communicate with the airline customer service agent.