• 02 Apr, 2024
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Intricate details regarding flight date changes:

There can be various reasons why travelers wish to make flight changes. Most airlines permit travelers to make changes to their existing reservations before flight departure. Sometimes, there are some travelers who make bookings through a travel agent and, in these tricky situations, wonder, "Can I change my flight dates after making a reservation with a travel agent?" If you are stuck in a somewhat similar situation, then yes, you can make permissible changes. All the detailed information regarding flight change via travel agent is provided below. Also, travelers must make a point they make changes in accordance with the terms and conditions:

Can I change my flight dates once booked with a travel agent?

A number of travelers made flight bookings via travel agents since the process is hassle-free and saves flight booking costs. However, in the case where ticket holders wish to make changes to their reservations, the situation becomes cumbersome for many. If "Can change my flight if I booked through an agent?" is bothering you, then you must note that yes, you can make changes to your reservations even if you have made your bookings via a travel agent. You can, in fact, seek their help to make the desired changes.

Flight change policies:

No matter whether travelers have made flight bookings themselves or via a travel agent, they must make sure they are obeying the following important terms and conditions to make desired changes:

  • Travelers can skip paying flight change fees if they make the modifications within the initial 24 hours of flight reservations.
  • Ticket holder who change their flights after the 24-hour time frame must pay a flight change fee along with the difference in flight fare.
  • Flight changes can be made by travelers if the airline delays or cancels a reservation.
  • Under medical emergencies, ticket holders are eligible to make changes to the reservations, provided they have supporting documents or medical certificates.
  • Travelers are only permitted to make flight changes if there is availability of flights to selected destinations.

The process to make a flight date change if you have made a booking through a travel agent:

It is not always possible for the ticket holders to make changes to their existing tickets if they have made a booking via a travel agent. However, there are some cases in which travelers can make the flight changes by themselves. For this, they need to refer to the instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the official travel agency website through which you have made your bookings.
  • Insert your ticket information to discover your ticket if you have a registered account.
  • As you find your flight, you must make the changes you prefer.
  • Save the changes made.
  • If required, you must make the additional payment to complete the flight change process.

Get through a Travel agent to change your flight:

Travelers who have made flight bookings via a travel agent can contact them directly to request desired changes. Customers can utilize the official phone number of the corresponding travel agent and handle their booking details and the ticket holder's name. Callers must request them to make the preferred changes. Travel agents will look for flight availabilities and make the preferred changes. Callers might also need to pay flight change fees. Get detail information about how to talk to a travel agent.

If you have made a reservation via a travel agent using promo codes, can you make changes to the tickets?

Often, travel agents provide different deals and discounts to travelers while making flight bookings. In that case, ticket holders are often confused about whether they can make date changes or not. These travelers must note that if a promo code is applied while booking, then the same discount will not be applicable for another ticket, and hence, travelers need to pay additional charges.