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Qatar Airways Baggage Limit

When traveling with Qatar flights, it is crucial to learn about the baggage limitations depending on the destination you are flying to and your travel class.  Qatar Airways has different baggage allowances for different passenger classes and strictly enforces them. Therefore, before you pack for your next trip, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Qatar Airways Baggage limit to prevent any hurdles while traveling. The following content consists of the allowance and limitations for carrying baggage. 

Qatar Airways: Baggage Allowance and Limitations

According to the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy, the allowance and limitation you must be aware of are explained here in different categories:

1. Hand Baggage

Hand baggage is allowed for the passengers to carry with them in the flight’s cabin. These pieces of baggage are generally small enough to be kept under the bassinet above the head or beneath the front seat of the person. The allowance and limitation of hand baggage at Qatar Airways are as follows:

  • One piece of hand baggage is permitted to all Economy Class travelers of 7 kg. 
  • First Class and Business Class travelers are entitled to carry 2 pieces of hand baggage on the flight, each up to 15 kg in weight.
  • Travelers who are flying to and from Brazil are allowed to carry one hand baggage of not more than 10 kg. 
  • The dimensions of a piece of hand baggage allowed on Qatar Airways flights are 50*37*25 cm. 
  • Additionally, each passenger of all the classes is entitled to carry a personal item along with the hand baggage on the aircraft. 

2. Checked Baggage 

The checked baggage is held baggage that travels to the destination separately from the passengers. The policies for carrying checked baggage with Qatar Airways are as follows:

  • The passengers traveling on the Economy Class can carry one checked baggage of 20 kg to 35 kg. 
  • Flights to and from America or Africa allow passengers to carry one to two pieces of checked baggage, each 23 kg. 
  • The dimension limit for checked baggage is set up to 300 cm. 

3. Special Baggage

Odd-sized items that need to be carried on the Qatar Airways flight are considered special baggage, and the passenger must pay additional charges for such items. Sporting equipment, wheelchairs, and musical instruments basically fall into this category. The limitations and allowance for carrying special baggage are as follows:

  • Sports equipment of 217 cm to 300 cm is allowed to be carried with proper packaging on the aircraft. 
  • Wheelchairs can carried as special baggage without an additional fee. 
  • A musical instrument is allowed up to 75 kg of weight and 120 cm in dimension. 
  • Any other items carried on the aircraft as special baggage will be charged depending on the weightage. 

4. Additional Bagagge

Sometimes, a few passengers need to carry baggage above their limitation by Qatar Airways. Additional baggage can be added to a reservation prior to the journey, and the policies for the same are mentioned here:

  • A passenger is entitled to carry five pieces of bags with a total weight of 100kg. The additional baggage can be purchased according to the same. 
  • One can purchase an excess weight of up to 32 kg of a bag. 
  • A more than 158 cm baggage dimension would not be allowed on a Qatar flight. 
  • Additional baggage cannot be purchased for infants on the flight. 
  • The additional baggage can only be requested 6 hours before the departure of the flight. Get detailed information about Baggage policy of Qatar Airways.

Bottom Line 

Plan your trip with Qatar Airways by taking the in-depth information regarding baggage to choose your travel class wisely. By reading the Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance above, you should be familiar with how much baggage you can carry on different travel classes and destinations, along with the limitations.