• 03 Jul, 2024
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Traveling from one place to another can be hectic, leading to jetlag and stressful journeys. To avoid this, airlines have their comfortable cabins and classes, which can be opted for during the trip. The same is true with Latam Airlines as well; being a Chilean Multinational air carrier, the airline has various classes to travel in for a trip at ease. Latam Airlines has a Premium Economy class for its travelers, which is a perfect fit for both long-haul and short-haul flights. There are various perks and benefits of the class that can be accessed. By going through the information given below, you can find all the related information about the class, its inclusions, and additional facilities. 

What does the Premium Economy class look like? 

The premium economy class of Latam Airlines has an idiosyncratic experience with agronomic seats and adjustable headrests. The class is segregated from all other classes on the airline and there is different space for cabin bags, as well. Additionally, in this class, all the seats are well equipped with USB and charging ports to charge your electronic devices. The Premium Economy of Latam also has designated washrooms available for the passengers. 

Benefits of traveling with Latam Premium Economy at Airports. 

If you are a passenger who has a booking from Santiago, Guarulhos, Bogota, Miami, and Ezeiza Airports to any international destination, you can get free access to the airport lounges at both arrival and departure destinations. These lounges provide you with various facilities, such as places for resting, working space, multiple food options, areas designated for pets traveling with you, baby feeding rooms, and many more. With Premium Economy bookings, you shall also be availed of premium boarding at the departing airports as well, which is Boarding Group 1. Priority baggage also comes as a plus one for the booking where you shall receive the baggage at the destination airport at first. VIP Lounges at times, may be available at no cost for the premium economy flight bookings. Also Read on the difference between LATAM's Economy and Premium Economy Class.

Seats on Premium Economy of Latam Airlines. 

The seats in the premium economy class of Latam Airlines are special and different from those in economy seats. The specifics of premium economy seats are as follows: 

  • Push-back seats with extra legroom and specified headrests
  • Seats with different UBS/ charging ports
  • Seats in a different cabin

Food and Snacking Options of Latam Airlines. 

For the flights booked with Premium Economy on Latam Airlines, you can get different options for food and snacking. However, it may differ based on the route of travel, which is international and domestic flights.

  • International Flight options- For flights between one and 4 hours, you will be served breakfast and lunch or dinner. In the breakfast option, there will be fresh fruits, cereal bars, artisanal toast, and cheeses. And for lunch or dinner, cured ham or chicken or salmon along with a leaf salad shall be served. There is a dessert and artisanal bread served with the meal. For flights over 4 hours, breakfast, lunch, or dinner and small accompaniments are served. There are two main hot dishes served along with fresh fruits, creamy desserts, and ice cream. And for flights more than 5 to 6 hours, the airlines serve snacks as per choice. Additionally, there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks being served during the flight.  
  • Domestic Flight Options- On domestic flights, you can get a wide range of snacks and beverages being served. You can get juices, sodas, coffee, tea, and options of alcoholic drinks. Snacks, such as quick bites, savory chips, protein bars, etc., are served. You can also get fruit options to be availed.

Apart from these, you can also request special meals. The different available meals are child's food, diabetic food, low-calorie food, lactose intolerant diet, vegan diet, etc.