• 22 Mar, 2024
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Read on the difference between LATAM's Economy and Premium Economy Class.

LATAM Airlines is one of the Chilean multinational airlines that provides the best travel deals when you book your flight, hotel, and rent a car on its official website. It offers the most flexible fare, allowing you to change and upgrade your seat and carry 2 hold baggage of 23 kg and get help earning more miles or LATAM Pass points quickly. It provides a practical travel experience with Cabin Classes when you choose Premium Business, Premium Economy, or Economy Class, making your flight journey more comfortable and convenient. You will gather appropriate details to define the difference between Economy and Premium Economy class and enjoy your trip until you reach your terminus.

What is the difference between the Economy and Premium Economy on LATAM?

When booking your flight ticket to your desired destination, if you want to make your flight journey comfortable and don't want to pay any extra, you must choose the best class to travel to. Gathering details for Economy and Premium Economy Class and getting the difference before making your trip to your destination will be essential. You can compare the cost and services while traveling with LATAM's cabin class, which makes your flight more comfortable. So, if you are excited to reserve your flight ticket for your destination, you need to gather appropriate information to understand the difference between the Economy and premium below.

LATAM Premium Economy Class:

Traveling with LATAM Premium Economy class provides the perfect option for business travelers on regional flights to enjoy your trip within South America. It offers an excellent Economy Class that helps you add something extra to your booking and make your flight journey more comfortable. You don't need to pay any higher cost for the additional amenities and services you will get in this class, and you can enjoy your flight journey to reach your destination without facing trouble. Nevertheless, If you need some crucial benefits of traveling in Economy, get suitable points below.

  • Enjoy the best cabin class and select the best seats for over 12 passengers.
  • Get the benefits of selecting wider seats and more space, seats that you can recline further.
  • Enjoy the best priority level for check-in, boarding, and premium business onboard services.
  • Get all the perks of the Economy when you select entertainment and enjoy a larger screen, charging points, and a wide selection of newspapers and magazines.

Economy Class:

When you travel on LATAM Economy Cabiin, you will enjoy your comfortable, renewed cabin that caters to different kinds of services, including combined ergonomics, design, and technology for short, medium, and long-distance flights. You will enjoy the best travel experience when you select the Economy to make your trip more comfortable.

  • Single-aisle aircraft:

You will be able to select the aisle aircraft cabin for short-medium distance flights. You may get access to the entertainment platform, enjoy snacks and beverages, and charge your device to avoid disruption during recreation.

  • Twin-aisle aircraft:

When traveling for medium and long flight distances, you may have different food and beverage options depending on the duration of the flight journey. You will be able to enjoy the best trip with more extended seats and wide legroom amazingly.

  • Onboard usefulness:

You will experience the best flavor of onboard service on LATAM, whether on a domestic or international, short or long destination flight and make your trip more suitable.

Is it worth upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy?

Yes, upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy is worth upgrading for travelers who want a more comfortable flight journey with extra amenities such as extended seats, expansive legroom, meals, etc. If you are flying with LATAM, it offers all the greatness of the Economy with some extra services, including an exclusive cabin with the best seat for all 12 passengers. It gives you each seat with Premium comfort, with access to one AC outlet and 2 USB ports. Enjoy more expansive legroom, get the 34-inch seat pitch with slimline seats, and gain more space. Premium Economy Class also lets you experience priority check-in, boarding, and disembarking, and enjoy excellent onboard services.

Is there really a difference between Economy and Premium Economy?

Yes, there is a real difference between Economy and Premium Economy seats when you choose seats on Premium Economy. You will get the two seats two inches wider and a maximum row, wide legroom, and more space. So, when you compare the seating and legroom between Economy and Premium Economy, there would be a major difference you must check when upgrading your flight on LATAM after the reservation.

Does LATAM premium economy have lounge access?

Yes, LATAM premium economy has lounges access that you will find on a booked flight ticket. LATAM opens the lounges for its passengers who travel on Premium Business Cabin, Premium Economy Cabin, or Economy Cabin. You will enjoy lounge access without trouble if you are a senior passenger with the LATAMPass program, TAM Fidelidable (Comodoro, Premium Silver Levels) and make your trip amazing every time.