• 09 May, 2024
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Hoard copious specifications on early bird check-in at Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a low-cost module-based airline based in the United States. It is also a major airline. Besides being a cheaper airline, it is acknowledged that services and facilities may be fewer, which could affect the journey. So, among the vast number of traveling elements, “early bird check-in” is used more often to ease out the boarding features. So, detailed information in relation to these could be secured by going through the subheading. 

What is early bird check-in on Southwest Airlines?

An early bird check-in at Southwest Airlines is an automated process for conducting check-in and reserving a boarding position on a flight. More than that, it could be carried out at least 36 hours before flight departure, but a normal check-in starts 24 hours prior. Further, the feature could be added in both normal and vacation bookings. 

How to add an early bird check-in at Southwest Airlines?

On Southwest Airlines, you can carry out an early bird check in the itinerary through dissimilar options and recognize the same form underneath. 

Method 1: online modes

An early bird feature could be added to the itinerary without any aid by using its online modes. Here, you do not have to pay any add-on amount, except then its fees.

  • Go to the official site of Southwest Airlines
  • Thereafter, click on the manage reservation icon
  • Further, submit your booking reference number with the first and last name
  • Now, click on the add early bird check-in options
  • Then, pay the cost and receive a confirmation email. 

Method 2: call

A seamless addition of early birds to the itinerary could be made possible by contacting airline customer service through a call. Here you just have to give details to the airline and the entire task could be taken by them. For that, you can dial Southwest's phone number, 1 (800) 435-9792. 

What do I get in the early bird check-in of Southwest Airlines?

An early bird check-in at Southwest Airlines is an advanced way to conduct the check-in process and receive a boarding pass. While subscribing to this feature, you could unlock various features, and the details in relation to those could be secured at the bottom:-

  • Automated Check-in: The normal check-in process at airlines has to be conducted within the given time frame, and missing out on those is not an option. But here, you do not have to worry about the same because within 36 hours of check-in, your process could be conducted automatically, and your boarding pass could be stored in a device.
  • Fine boarding position: Early bird check-in is carried out 12 hours before the normal check-in procedure. While it does not guarantee a good boarding position, it does give you more opportunity to pick a seat. Read more about early early bird check-in and upgraded boarding Southwest.
  • Early access to overhead bin: Here, you could be first to board a flight and get to keep bags in the overhead bin. 


Furthermore, the complicated information concerning early bird check-in has been mentioned over here. Still, if you have any doubts, then you can connect with the customer service team for answers.