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What is Southwest Upgraded Boarding?

Passengers can save time while boarding the scheduled flight by choosing the upgrade process which can be done before the flight boarding time and depending on the availability. So that the travelers can get the opportunity to be among the first ones to board the flight, select their desired seat, and access the overhead bin space. Therefore, passengers are required to pay the upgrade fee which is based on different factors such as travel distance, departure and arrival Airport and fare type customers have purchased. 

Is upgraded boarding better than an early bird on Southwest?

Yes, undoubtedly upgrading boarding is better than an early bird on Southwest because passengers who have purchased upgraded boarding will guarantee you to get A1 - A15 and priority boarding while Early boarding does not guarantee you to get an A1 - A15. The passenger may be required to pay the full price to enjoy the benefits of upgrade boarding however You are not required to pay for the Early Bird check if you want to select the desired seats but to get other options you should pay the charges for the Early bird as well which depends on the fare type, travel destination and more.

Several Ways to Upgrade Your Southwest Boarding:

There are several factors that you should know before proceeding with the upgraded boarding on Southwest however it follows one basic rule first come first served for example - if you complete the check-in immediately once it starts then you will be Assigned A30 but on the other hand if you want to check-in at the airport then there are high chances that you will be assigned C-40.

Southwest Early Check-in:

The cheapest way to get a favorable seat is by opting for early check-in which is available 24 hours before the flight departure, you can set the notification alarm in your Southwest app for the check-in availability. 

Early bird Check-in:

Passengers can also purchase the early bird check-in option as it is a service that automatically reserves the traveler's check-in place before 36 hours of the scheduled flight departure so that they can easily choose the desired seat. It will cost you nearly $15 - $25 each way and it may add up for those who are traveling in a group or with friends.

Southwest Upgraded Boarding:

Generally, the Southwest Upgraded boarding is similar to the Early bird check-in but it will guarantee you to assign the seats between A1 - and A15 per trip for anyone who purchased the upgrade or business fare. But you should remember that it is not always available but when upgrade boarding is available, passengers are liable to pay the charges of $30 and $80 therefore some of the Southwest Credit cards offer upgrade boarding with no additional cost such as Southwest Rapid Reward, Performance Business Card and more. 

How to purchase Southwest Upgrade boarding?

Whenever a traveler thinks of purchasing the upgrade then there is one common question that strikes in mind How does Southwest Upgraded boarding work? Here is the detailed process to purchase the upgrade as it offers the privilege of boarding the scheduled flight first and getting the seats between A1 - and A15.

  • To purchase the Southwest upgrade, passengers should visit their official website.
  • Scroll the home page to find the help center tab.
  • Then choose the link Getting ready and click on the link ' I want to buy upgraded boarding' option.
  • When the page opens up on the screen, you will see the icon 'Purchase Upgraded Boarding'.
  • After that, the user needs to enter the confirmation code, First name, and last name mentioned on the itinerary and click on continue.
  • Now follow further instructions to complete the process.
  • Once the process is completed you will receive a notification for the same.

Note: In case, the passengers failed to purchase the upgrade online then you can immediately talk to the customer support officials on call and ask the help desk agent to purchase the upgrade so you can easily select the desired seat and be the first one to board the scheduled flight.

Is Southwest Upgrade worth it?

All the good seats as well as overhead bin space will be snatched up and if you are travelling in a group or with family then you will not be able to sit together so it is wise to purchase the Southwest upgrade boarding so that you can get the opportunity to choose the favorable seats and avoid check-in queues by preferring the early check-in option. If you want to enjoy the privilege then it is worth purchasing it else if you are comfortable waiting in the queues then you can skip the upgrade boarding option.

Conclusion: To learn about the Southwest Upgrade services or how to purchase it and other queries regarding the same then you should go through the above-mentioned information as it provides all the necessary information about the same.