• 22 Apr, 2024
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Southwest Inflight Entertainment: Enjoying your Journey in the Skies

So you've settled into your comfy Southwest seat, eager to reach your destination. But the excitement of a new place can be tempered by the thought of a long flight ahead. Fear not, fellow traveler! With its signature friendly spirit, Southwest Airlines takes a unique approach to inflight entertainment, offering free and paid options you can access through your device. So, some of them must bear it out.

Free Entertainment:

Movies and TV Shows: Southwest offers a selection of movies and TV shows on demand, all at no cost. You can browse the selection and choose something to watch through the Southwest Inflight Entertainment Portal. New releases and classics are included.

Live TV: Grab up on the most recent news and sports with complimentary live TV access on Wifi-equipped flights (availability may vary).

Flight Tracker: Stay informed about your flight's progress with the real-time flight tracker.

Texting: Stay connected with friends and family back on the ground with limited texting capabilities through iMessage and WhatsApp (must be downloaded beforehand).

Paid Option: Wi-Fi

Full Internet Access: For $8 per device per flight, you can purchase Wifi access that allows you to skim the web, stream scope, or check social media.

Free for A-List Preferred and Business Select Customers: Members of these programs enjoy the benefit of complimentary Wifi on every flight.

How do I access Southwest inflight entertainment?

Southwest Airlines offers inflight entertainment through their Inflight Entertainment Portal, so there are some ways to access it, but you must track it.

Before your flight:

Download the Southwest app on your phone or tablet to watch movies and select TV shows.

On the airplane:

  • Switch your device to Airplane Mode with WiFi turned on.
  • Connect to the WiFi network named "SouthwestWiFi".
  • The Inflight Entertainment Portal should automatically load in your web browser if it doesn't, type southwestwifi.com into the address bar.

Using the Inflight Entertainment Portal:

You can navigate the choice of free movies and TV shows, some of which require the downloaded Southwest app.

Live TV and messaging are also free, although messaging is limited to iMessage and WhatsApp.

If you want to access the internet to browse the web or check your email, you can purchase WiFi access for $8 per device per flight.

Do Southwest flights have screens?

Unlike other airlines, Southwest flights don't have individual screens built into the seatbacks. However, Southwest offers a free inflight entertainment portal you can access with your device (phone, tablet, laptop) once onboard. They offer movies, TV shows, live TV, and music - all for free! You can even track your flight on the portal. If you want to browse the internet, you can purchase wifi for $8 per device. Some Southwest custWi-Fi, such as A-List Preferred members and Business Select Cust, get free Wi-Fi or more.

Can I watch Amazon Prime on Southwest?

No, you won't be able to watch Amazon Prime while flying on Southwest Airlines directly. Southwest WiFi restricts streaming services like Amazon Prime to ensure a good internet experience for all passengers.

Thus, there are some alternatives for in-flight entertainment on Southwest, must consider it:

Download movies or shows to your device before your flight that you can watch offline.

Check out Southwest's free in-flight entertainment options, which may include movies and TV shows.

You can purchase movies or TV shows directly through the Southwest WiFi portal (using Amazon Pay as a payment option).

Is Southwest In-flight entertainment free?

Yes, Southwest offers free in-flight entertainment like live TV, movies, series, Scoop, Wifi, or more entertainment facilities to its passengers.

How do in-flight entertainment experiences enhance?

Packing a few essentials can significantly enhance your inflight entertainment experience. Noise-canceling headphones are a significant investment to block background noise and immerse yourself in your movies, music, or audiobooks. A travel pillow and eye mask will create a more comfortable environment, especially if you're planning to sleep during the flight. Don't neglect to convey a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and some vigorous snacks to preserve your energy levels. Read about entertainment options offer by Southwest Airlines in detail.

So, the next time you take a Southwest flight, remember – the entertainment doesn't have to be limited. With some forethought and a certain attitude, you can turn your time in the sky into a fun experience. Southwest provides the tools, you bring the spirit, and together, you can make your journey truly memorable.