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What entertainment options does Southwest Airlines offer for inflight entertainment?

Southwest Airlines is a low-cost passenger aircraft in the United States that covers most of the beautiful destinations worldwide. Southwest offers a range of flight services, such as check-in priority, baggage allowance, rapid rewards, additional services, and more. In addition, you also get inflight entertainment options for an enjoyable journey. Read on!

What apps do I need to watch movies on Southwest Airlines?

Are you upset because you will miss watching the newly released movie? Fortunately, on the flight to Southwest, you can enjoy the movies without any interruptions and carry on your daily dose of entertainment. To relish your favorite movies all you have to do is download the Southwest application before your departure; the application is easily available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Connect your device with the WiFi of Southwest and dig into the ocean of amusement.

Why can't I connect to Southwest WiFi?

As you get on the crew members will share the wifi name as well as their password. In any case, if you are not able to connect with Southwest WiFi then you should remove your cache and then you should try to connect with Southwest WiFi; if the problem still persists you can communicate with one of the crew members and seek assistance immediately.

How to get free Internet on Southwest flights?

Most airlines provide free internet as their in-fight services so that their passengers complete their journey with a sense of being comfortable. If you are in the southwest and you are A list preferred embers or Business select customers, you can also take advantage of free internet and indulge in a totally different world. As you connect with the free internet, you will be able to access various movies, music, games, and other programs that interest you.

How do I know if my Southwest flight is Wi-Fi enabled?

When checking on Southwest Airlines, you will get the answer as to whether Wi-Fi service is available for your ticket or not. If the services are available you will get the advantage of free internet connectivity. After boarding the flight connect your device to the Southwest WiFi and start surfing the internet.

What days does Southwest give free drinks?

Southwest offers a variety of snacks, drinks, and meal options on their flight; however, some of the time, you will get these as complementary stuff, whereas some of the time, you have to pay the charges to have these amenities. If you want to know on what day Southwest gives free drinks, then you are advised to go through the below-written steps:

  • Valentines's Day - 2/14
  • St. Patrick's Day - 3/17
  • Southwest Birthday - 6/18
  • Halloween - 10/31


1. How do you watch movies on a Southwest flight?

Want to explore the world without spending much, then you should book your tickets with Southwest Airlines. The airlines give on-board wifi service that will not let you cut off from the entertainment world. After getting on board, the password and wifi name of the airline will be shared with you, as you connect with the wifi, you can watch the movies of your preferences.

2. What are the examples of in-flight entertainment on Southwest Airlines?

To enhance your inflight experience, Southwest has options to connect with their free WiFi services, through which you can watch movies, play games, read online books, listen to your favorite songs, and more. Either you can connect your personal devices to the Southwest WiFi or you can also view these programs on your seatback screens.

3. Can I enjoy Netflix on a Southwest flight?

Yes, definitely you can enjoy the numerous shows available on the platform of Netflix. By connecting your smart devices with the Southwest WiFi connection, you can enjoy Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, and other channels as well. If you find any difficulty while connecting with Southwest WiFi then you can contact the airline's staff.

4. Does Southwest have free snacks?

Because of its punctuality and reliability, Southwest is emerging as a prominent airline service that passengers are choosing frequently for their journeys. If the flight length is more than 175 miles then you will free snacks.


This post will solve all your curiosity regarding Southwest in-flight services like WiFi services, different entertainment options, free snacks, and others.