• 23 Apr, 2024
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How to get access to United Inflight Entertainment?

United Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines. It is currently first because of the large number of destinations it serves. The airline provides many inflight services, such as Dining, where you get beverage selections and special meals. Inflight entertainment, seating options, inflight Wi-Fi, and more. You can get access to the various types of entertainment options at the United airline flights, which are mentioned below:

Seatback entertainment system: This entertainment system has a screen on the back of the seat in front of you, where you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and games. You can also check the weather or flight map and more.

Personal device entertainment: After connecting to Wi-Fi, you can enjoy movies and TV shows and play games on your phone or laptop.

DirecTV: in this, you can enjoy more than 100 live TV channels and new movie releases. 

The procedure to get access to United airline inflight entertainment

You can get access to the United Airlines inflight entertainment easily by following the steps which are mentioned below. So read the steps, and you will understand the process of getting entertainment access on the flight.

  • Connect your devices to the inflight Wifi network.
  • Open the browser or the United Airlines app to access the entertainment library.
  • Browse the United Airlines inflight movies, music, TV shows, and more, and select the content to stream.
  • You can also download the content for offline access to watch the content later. 
  • You will find many varieties of movies, music, and more, and they are free to access on the flight. So connect your device and enjoy the shows.

Can I watch United Airlines entertainment on my laptop?

Yes, you can watch Movies and TV on your laptop after connecting to Wi-Fi, and you can also play games on your laptop and phone or tablet. So choose the program according to your preference and connect the headphones, and you will be all set to enjoy the show on the journey.

Do you need an app for United Entertainment?

Most flights offer personal device entertainment. After you are done boarding, you will see an option for entertainment right when you open the app., but this is not the only one. There are also other methods to enjoy entertainment on a flight, such as the seatback entertainment option and DirecTV.

Does United give free snacks?

Yes, United Airlines provides free snacks, and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are also available on every United flight. So you can book your flight with the United Airlines standard economy fare and get most of the same inflight services like drinks, snacks, and inflight entertainment to have a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Also, make sure to check the rules, regulations and restrictions for the same before making the booking with the airline.

Can I watch a program in another language?

Yes, you can watch a program in another language, as various languages are available as audio or subtitles. So you can check the languages available for each movie and TV show and enjoy the program in your preferred language.

Can I watch a movie anytime on the seatback monitor?

Yes, you can watch the movie anytime after you are done with boarding. The movies are available right after you board the plane. So select the show or program according to your preference and start the show to watch. 

Is there any entertainment that is not allowed on United flights?

Most of the content has been edited for the airline's use. You can also watch your own if it has an MPAA rating of 'R' or less. The airline recommends you be discreet and mindful of those people around you, as children might be there. You have to watch the content accordingly so that other people do not get disturbed.

Do I need a special headset and headphones at United?

In most planes, you can use a regular single-pin headset or pair of headphones. Bluetooth headphones or headphones with a different plug may not be compatible with the plane.

Conclusion: Hope you got all the information you were looking for regarding United Airlines inflight entertainment and how you can get access to it. What are the different types of entertainment options United Airlines provides? All the information is given above in this post, reading it will get you the answers.