• 08 Jul, 2024
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Become proficient in changing the flight on Etihad 

While traveling, one has to consider many things, from searching for the flight to doing the payment. But some of the time there are circumstances that cause a few modifications in the passenger's pre-scheduled trip, like changing the flight. Etihad knows that changing the flight can hamper their other booking as well, hence the airlines offer easy procedures and rules so that passengers do not get stressed. Read on!

What is the flight change policy of Etihad Airways?  

Policies have a significant role when it comes to establishing a bond with the customer of Etihad, through policies a passenger becomes aware of the dos and don'ts. For the correct details about the flight change policy of Etihad, passengers can consider the following points: 

  • A passenger who has booked their Etihad flight with travel insurance and needs to change their flight, then the airline does not allow them to have alteration on their Etihad Airways. 
  • If a passenger is dealing with a sudden tragic situation and has to change their scheduled flight, then the airlines will not demand any flight change fees from passengers. Moreover, to waive the fees, the airlines will demand the necessary documents supporting their reason for changing the flight. 
  • Anyone who has booked their flight on Etihad and changes their flight within 24 hours of booking the flight, then the passenger is not entitled to submit the penalty charges to change the flight. 
  • To change the flight after 24 hours of having the reservation, passengers have to transfer the flight change money. The cost of the change flight depends on the flight class, the total distance between the two locations, and much more. 

How much does it cost to change flights on Etihad Airways?  

Flights changing can create a mess if a passenger has improper knowledge. Thus, it is important to obtain accurate information about what is the total cost of changing the fight on Etihad. If a passenger changes their flight on Etihad then they are not eligible to pay the change fee if the flight change is done within the risk-free period which is in less than one day after booking the flight. Read more about flight date changes.

How can I change the flight on Etihad Airways?  

There are numerous ways to change the flight on Etihad, few of them are mentioned in the further lines. Go through these options and choose the way that is perfect for according to you, please have a look: 

  • The online process to change the flight  
  • Through phone call  

The online process to change the flight  

Passengers can adhere to the below-mentioned steps if they want to modify their flights of Etihad through the online process: 

  • Reach out to the official site of Etihad Airways
  • here you have to look for the tab of Manage Booking. 
  • Select the button and fill out all your flight-related details. 
  • On the screen, various flights will appear. 
  • Choose the one flight that needs to be changed. 
  • Remove the previous data and add new as per your interest. 
  • Check out the figures once and click on the confirm button. 
  • You have to settle up with the flight change fee, if applicable. 
  • Soon, you will obtain a message about the change in flight. 

Through phone call 

Communication is the popular method to get in touch with the customer service of Etihad. Place a call at the helpline number of Etihad 1 (877) 690-0767, share your concern with the executive, and ask them to change the flight on the passenger's behalf. 

Bottom Line 

To begin with, if a passenger wants to save money, then they should know about the charges of Etihad Airways. In this post, the passengers will get a better idea about how to change flights on Etihad. Have a safe journey!