• 22 May, 2024
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How do I use my voucher on Spirit?

When you travel with Spirit Airlines frequently, there are various benefits, discounts, and vouchers that the airline provides. However getting these vouchers might be an easy task, but when it comes to using them, it definitely requires a lot of information about the process and specifically about which services the voucher can be used. You can use the voucher online by navigating the official website of Spirit Airlines or by simply visiting the helpdesk at the airport. We will go through all the details that will enlighten you about how these vouchers can be avail from the airline and, most importantly, how they can be used. 

How to use vouchers with Spirit Airlines flights?

When you have been given some vouchers by the airline, knowing how they can be used is the first thing that you should know. Once you are well aware of the complete process of how these vouchers can be used online, going through the process will be easy and quick. We have mentioned all the steps you need to take to use these vouchers for different services: 

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Click on the My Trios option given on the homepage. 
  • Login to the account or add the ticket details, such as the confirmation number with the last name. 
  • Navigate to the Menu and pick the Recent Bookings, and it will be open. 
  • Add the services, and at the time of payment, use your vouchers to make them convenient. 

What services can be accessed with Spirit vouchers?

There is no doubt that Spirit Airlines has vouchers for different amenities. You can avail of them while traveling with the airline. If a voucher is addressed to a particular service, such as a meal voucher, bag voucher, etc., then it can be used only for that specific facility. However, the complimentary vouchers can be used for any available services: 

  • You can use vouchers during flight ticket bookings. 
  • The airline can provide you with meal vouchers. 
  • Complimentary vouchers can be used for any services, such as priority check-in and boarding. 
  • You can use them to get the free seat selection with Spirit Airlines. 
  • The baggage fee can be paid by using these vouchers. 
  • Future Travel Vouchers can be used for the flights you will book with the airline. 

When does Spirit Airlines provide vouchers?

There are different occasions when the airline provides vouchers. If you are doing anything that concerns the airline and benefits them in any way, then the airline will reward you with vouchers. We have listed all the situations below that can be a reason for you to get vouchers from Spirit Airlines: 

  • When you book more than one flight ticket with Spirit Airlines. 
  • If you have done shopping with Spirit Airlines. 
  • When you buy things from their stores. 
  • If you use credit cards provided by them.
  • When you avail the membership of their Loyalty Program called Spirit Rewards. 
  • When you book a group reservation with the airline. Read more about Multiple Seats booking on Spirit Airlines.

Can I give my Spirit voucher to someone else?

Whatever vouchers the Airline will provide are strictly non-transferable. You cannot send these vouchers to someone else for their use, it can only be used by the guest to whom it was given. Even if the expiry date of the vouchers has come, other people cannot use it. 

What is the validity of the Spirit Airlines vouchers?

Once you have received vouchers from Spirit Airlines, they hold a certain validity. If you use them during that time period, then it will be beneficial. Otherwise, you will lose them. The validity for the Spirit vouchers is 12 months, and they will remain in your account until this period. The Airline will notify you so you remember to use them.